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Daniel Craig on ‘Saturday Night Live’


Mr. James Bond himself Daniel Craig hosted ‘SNL‘ for the first time, doing pretty well for a guy known more for shooting people than making them laugh. This was a pretty consistent episode with a lot of laughs, a little bit of Muse and a very special guest appearance from someone who made a lot of headlines last week.

Of course the show opened with a parody of last Wednesday night’s debates. Former cast member Chris Parnell paid a visit to play moderator Jim Leher trying to get an answer out of a sleepy President Obama played by Jay Pharoah. As he scrambles to try to think of an anniversary present to give Michelle and remember the names of his daughters, Mittens played by Jason Sudeikis takes the opportunity to tell America that he is the one that killed Osama Bin Laden. The sketch could have ended right there, but went on for about two minutes longer than it had to.

So Daniel comes out looking dapper as ever, but I thought his monologue could have been better. Maybe it was nerves, or trying to make that random Shazam joke work. As mentioned, Craig has been in a number of violent movies and wanted to pay tribute to all the people he has killed in them, including one poor sound guy from ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin.’ It just felt a little weird, but at least they didn’t make him sing.

Best Sketches


The Bond franchise is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this month, and what better gift for the 007 lover in your life than the box-set celebrating James and some of his “Lesser Known Bond Girls.” This was definitely the funniest sketch of the night, with Nasim Pedrad playing a very annoying Lea Michele in “Hippopotopussy” and Kate McKinnon as an awkward Jodie Foster and a joke telling Ellen DeGeneres. Kate was ubiquitous tonight, appearing in half all of the sketches and Weekend Update.

She also starred in the “Long Island Medium” sketch as Theresa Caputo, who has been everywhere lately trying to find out if anyone died. I don’t watch her show so I’m not familiar with the real Theresa’s husband, but if he is as hot as Daniel was playing him I might have to check it out. If Kristen Wiig was still on the show this definitely would have been something for her. Even though she’s still a featured player, I can see her being on the show for a long time.

If there is anyone that took President Obama’s performance at the first debate the hardest, it was MSNBC‘s Chris Matthews, played here in the “MSNBC Debate Fallout” sketch by Jason. Newbie Cecily Strong takes over playing Rachel Maddow, previously played by Abby Elliot, and is okay. Kenan is always good as Al Sharpton, coming up with excuses as to why Obama did so poorly, ” maybe they switched bodies!” But it was Chris/Jason telling Obama to not be such a “p****” at the next debate that really made this sketch.

Worst Sketches

Okay, it’s not that these were the worst, they just weren’t that good. “Construction Guys” had the misfortune of being the first sketch, and it seemed like Daniel was enjoying playing his character but it had an odd premise that ended with him remembering when his cat-calling dad was shot by a woman.

There was also “Mars Mission” where Bobby Moynihan longed for the companionship of his kitty Kirby. His crew panicked at the thought of him bringing an animal on board, which he momentarily thought was dead, but turned out to be a grey neck pillow. Kirby was safe all along, and maybe this was funnier in retrospect than it was when I watched.

Loving Couple” saw Fred Armisen dressed as a woman, again, playing Craig’s pretentious and easily excitable girlfriend. She turns off his friends but gets turned on by him whenever he kisses her neck. We were supposed to laugh at her wild facial expressions, but the funniest part was Fred’s skirt exposing his underwear and Bill Hader breaking. Which he always does so well.

Working Class Drama” was about a show called “A Sorry Lot We Are,“a British sitcom in it’s 45th season about a bunch of losers who gather at a bar to talk about their financial woes. What was this sketch?! Aidy Grant, another new cast member, played Daniel’s character’s lecherous ex-girlfriend. It seems like she has a lot of potential on the show and I would like to see her not do characters that do jokes about her weight.

Weekend Update



Politics always makes for a good WU. Seth Meyers introduced another new segment, “Winners and Loser,” that focused on the debate. FLOTUS was a “loser” because “she came with Blane, but left with Duckie.” Always appreciate a good ‘Pretty In Pink‘ reference. There was a big appearance by Big Bird, and it was funny to watch Seth struggle to look the over eight foot tall bird in the eye. He was asked about his mention in the debate but not wanting to get political, he is only 6-years old, he opted to tell jokes instead. “You know who loves de-bates? De-fishes.” Good one, Big Bird.

And how cute was it to see Bobby hug him during the closing credits?!!!!

Credit goes to Vasodilation for the screen caps.