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Ben Affleck As Batman Photo Revealed By Director Zack Snyder


The New Batmobile

I’m the wrong chick to write about Ben Affleck as Batman, that’s for sure. I’m not a fan. I do know a lot of y’all are at least interested in what the butt-chinned actor will look like the the Batsuit, so luckily, I’ve got the image for you.




For weeks and weeks, we’ve heard word that Snyder and co. may reveal costume images of this version of Batman but that has yet to come true. Perhaps Snyder is taking a page from Marc Webb and Bryan Singer’s social media strategy where throughout the productions of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past, respectively, they used Twitter to reveal characters, designs and behind-the-scenes looks into the production. If we’re getting the new Batman car now, it won’t be long before we get the new Batman suit.

Now I’m going to watch The Dark KnightThat is the last Batman movie I paid attention to (read: became obsessed with). So, yeah.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Welcome A Baby Boy !


Ohmygoodness. Congratulations are in order for the arrival of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s baby boy!


Photo via: @oliviawilde/Twitter

Olivia tweeted the following funny announcement and a lovely black and white photo of her with her precious bundle:


So…how do we feel about the NAME? Otis Alexander Sudeikis? Firstly, it’s a mouthful. Secondly? I’m old enough to always think of Otis from The Andy Griffith Show. You know, the old, happy drunk who would check himself into the jail to sleep it off?

Lord, I loved this show. I miss Mick Jagger Don Knotts as Barney Fife.

Oh, hi. Random tangent from the Resident Old Biddy, DivaJulia.  Shutty.

Jessica Simpson is PREGNANT? Whaaaa??

NO! Seriously??

Photo via: Twitter

Let’s all say it together: DURRRRRP!

Jessica Simpson and her giant baby-bump took to Twitter to make the big announcement that she is indeed pregnant. You know what? I was hoping she’d do something different and just keep her trap (ahem) shut until she gave birth…but then there wouldn’t be the “is she or isn’t she?” media circus…and we just can’t have that now can we?

Here we go, y’all.  Jessica will be on every single talk-show that will have her now that she’s announced her pg-ness.