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Miley Cyrus – Rock Mafia – The Big Bang (Official Music Video)

Looks like someone's been practicing the "Angelina Swagger"

Okay…how do we feel about this video?

The old-age biddy is about to speak…so turn up your hearing aids. (That doesn’t even make sense.) I don’t even know who Rock Mafia is..are.  This just seems like an audition-reel for Miley to hand over to anyone besides Disney.

Who wants to fill me in?  (In all honesty, I really don’t care that much.)  But now I have that crazy whistling from this song stuck in my heeeed.

Angelina Jolie in Paris for SALT Premiere – Biddy Alert!

I'm not a fan of this look. At. All.

I’ve held my tongue…in fact I’ve bitten my tongue so hard, it’s bloody.  I MISS THE NAUGHTY, WILD ANGELINA JOLIE!

Ohhh….that feels better.

Honestly?  Look at her.  That dress is gawd-awful and YOU bloody-well know it, too.  I realize how Angie’s manipulating everyone into thinking she’s a great humanitarian/ambassador, a  doting mother of six, and partner of the again-hot Brad Pitt, but why is she now Fighting the Pretty to prove her point?

Biddy McDowdyson

That dress.  I keep going back to That. Dress.  It looks like it came from the One Day Only Sale at Macy’s (that actually lasts all week, except for Tuesday, which is “Senior Citizen 10% Discount Day”–and no one has the guts to tell these fold olks that if they stayed home and came in later in the week, they’d save more than a lousy 10%–just sayin’).  You guys know how, after all the proms and weddings have come and gone, the over-worked and underpaid Sales Representatives have to untangle the hangers and spaghetti straps from that Clearance round-rack?   I believe that could be where Angie found this mess of a dress.  The sad dress, with tucks in the wrong places looks as though it should’ve come with a self-belt, but it was no where to be found, so she got an extra 20% off her purchase, and just wore it as IS.  Jaaayzus.

Those shoes MUST be from Naturalizer’s new line of  Biddy Metallics.  The hair?  Clearly Angie showed her gal down at the Kut ‘n Kurl a pitcher (’cause that’s how we say it once we turn into biddies, don’cha know?) of that  cute li’l former-governor up in Alaska, whose daughter had a child outta wedlock.  Surely, you know who I’m referring to?

Angie???  For the love of all Crazy Beauty…PLEASE COME BACK!

Doesn't anyone else miss this??
Come back...Angie. Come back.
Look at The Perfection...

Oh Angie...yes...yes...YES!!!! (Photo: D. LaChapelle)

C’mon.  It can’t just be ME??