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Ben Harper serves wife, Laura Dern with DIVORCE papers

Dern, Harper and their son Ellery in better days.

Man.  This just isn’t cool.  It’s also very strange.  Something must have happened in a big way recently for singer/songwriter,  Ben Harper to suddenly slap Laura Dern with divorce papers.

via TMZ.com:

“A process server went to Laura Dern’s home on Saturday with divorce papers and demanded that she come to the door … or else, sources tell TMZ.

We’re told the couple’s nanny came to the door and told the process server she would accept the divorce papers  Ben Harper filed late Friday afternoon, but sources say the process server fired back that if Laura didn’t come to the door he’d find her out in public and embarrass her.

A source connected with Ben claims the allegation that the process server issued such an ultimatum is “absolutely false.”

The divorce — a story TMZ broke Sunday — shocked Laura, who didn’t see it coming.

We’re told Ben has not called Laura to discuss how to tell their two children about the sudden turn of events … he just disappeared.

And, as we reported, although Ben claims he and Laura have been separated since January, the couple showed up together at Eddie Vedder’s wedding late last month.

And, sources connected with the couple tell us Laura and Ben have been intimate as recently as last week.”

Now, for a little back-story, for those of you who may have forgotten.  Laura was THISCLOSE to marrying Billy Bob Thorton some years back.  She was making their new house a home, having friends over for a bridal shower…all that good stuff.  Of course, Laura’s into the psychic stuff and when a RAT was seen in her kitchen during the shower, it was interpreted as a “bad omen”.  Durrrrr.  Billy Bob was off doing the cray-cray shit with a wild chick who goes by the name Angelina Jolie.  (I think I’ve heard of her.)  Those two nuts actually got MARRIED on the sly, got tattoos and shared blood.  Ya still with me?  Laura found out, flipped out, and gave the world her “Ugly Cry”, as she’s so well-known for; then met and fell in love with a married man–BEN HARPER.  He left his wife, married Laura and they had two kids.

Ben’s been on the road with his new side-project (MUSICALLY speaking), Fistful of Mercy, with Dhani Harrison. (And I’ll be damned if I can get my hands on those precious tickets…SOLD RIGHT OUT in Seattle.)

Something’s mos’ def UP with this weird situation, but frankly, these two didn’t get together under the best circumstances.  (I hope you’re reading Alicia Keys.  The same thing will probably happen to you, girl.  Watch yourself.)

What do y’all make of these announcements?

Oh, and seriously.  I really would love tickets to see Fistful of Mercy at the Showbox in Seattle.  Anyone?