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The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Welcome To The Tombs’ – Behind The Scenes Video Of Finale

Photos/Video: AMC

This show always knows how to kick me straight in the feels. There have been a number of emotional moments on TWD, but this last episode hit me with more than I expected. I think the theme of this episode was the importance of doing something when you have the chance. We said goodbye to another bunch of characters, but one death in particular left me crying like Little Ass Kicker.

If you remember the season’s opener, ‘Seed,’ it started with us looking at the world through the eyes of a walker. This episode opened through the one eye of The Governor as he beats Milton for betraying him. We see The Governor through Milton’s one slightly open and not yet bloodied eye. I couldn’t help but think, of so they’re eye to eye, but it was a striking scene. I didn’t know what to make of Milton when we were first introduced to him but we found out very quickly why he was afraid of Phillip and I knew things probably wouldn’t end well for him. Milton, probably trying to speak to the last bit of humanity left in his friend, asks what his daughter Penny would think of him. “She’d be afraid me,” he says, but she’d probably also still be alive he was like the way he is now from the start he reasons. He takes Milton into the torture chamber where Andrea is and he tells them about the plan to kill everyone at the prison.

As he gathers the tools The Governor had laid out, he purposely leaves a pair of pliers on the floor. After being instructed to kill Andrea, Milton attacks The Governor but he overpowers him and stabs him. The Governor’s plan still works out, he leaves Milton to die on the floor where he’ll eventually turn and try to eat Andrea.

At the prison, Carl is in full angsty teen mode, avoiding his dad while they pack up everything to leave. I get that Carl doesn’t want them to go out like a bunch of punks, but why risk all of them dying and leaving Judith and the others on their own? Carol tells Daryl that Merle’s death gave them a chance against The Governor. I don’t quite get her reasoning, but I’ll take any Carol and Daryl scenes I can get.

Michonne forgives Rick for considering The Governor’s offer, because he could have easily given her up. He tells her that it was actually Carl’s call, that he thought she was officially one of them. Back in Woodbury, The Governor rounds up his people but Tyreese and Sasha don’t want any part of it. They volunteer to stay behind and look after the kids and elderly. The Governor cold thanks him and gives a gun to Tyreese. I hate that The two of them keep finding themselves in this same situation, having to tip toe around The Governor and at one point Rick. The Governor and his crew head off the prison with guns a blazing, shooting down the guard tower and storming inside. Everyone is mysteriously gone.

Once inside they split up, because that’s always the smart thing to do in a dark prison, and then come upon some smoke bombs the group left behind. This sets off the alarms which alert a group of walkers. They all run outside, getting ambushed by Glenn and Maggie. Hershel, Carl and Beth watch the chaos from the woods and stop one of The Governor’s men, a young kid armed with a shotgun, who was just trying to get away like everyone else. Although he starts to surrender his gun, Carl shoots him anyways to the shock of Hershel. Oh, this little future maniac.

Out on the road, The Governor yells at his crew for running away. They’re don’t want to fight anymore, even calling the prison gang a bunch of psychos. If only they knew. The Governor loses it and guns them down, including Allen, leaving only a scared Martinez and that other black guy, apparently named Shumpert. I always love finding out the names of characters that don’t talk. While all of this was going on, Milton tells told Andrea about the pliers he hid for her and how when he turns, she’ll have to kill him. Tyreese and Sasha decide to leave once the The Governor gets back, and it seems that they’ll be getting some help.

When everyone decides that they can’t keep running away, Rick, Daryl and Michonne get ready to go hunt The Governor down, with Glenn and Maggie staying behind to guard the prison. Carl wants to go too, naturally, trying to use his recent murder as a way to move up in the ranks. Hershel tells Rick that he shot that poor kid point blank, but Carl thinks it was the right thing to do. He had come there to kill him, and that if his dad had killed The Governor when he had the chance they wouldn’t be in this situation. Ok, kid had a point, but he still shot a technically innocent guy. Rick and the others come across the bloodbath The Governor left behind on the road. The one survivor, Karen, hid in one of the trucks to get away from the walkers. She helps them get back to Woodbury where Tyreese and Sasha are guarding the wall. There is a brief shootout until Karen calms things down by telling them what The Governor did. They make their way to the where he held Glenn and Maggie, finding a pool of blood by one of the doors. Milton’s body lies still on the floor while Andrea is huddled near the door.

Michonne recognizes that she has a fever, then Andrea shows her the wound. Andrea apologizes for not killing The Governor when she had the chance, she just wanted everyone to live, and at least dies knowing that everyone is safe. She tells Michonne that she’s glad she met them, and her friend stays behind with her as she dies. We don’t see Andrea’s actual death, but we hear that one lone gunshot. I have struggled so much with Andrea’s character throughout these 3 seasons, and of course just as I was rooting for her she’s gone. I wish she had went out in some big heroic way, but i’m glad she got her final moment with Michonne. Rick and the group return to the prison, with Tyreese, his sister and a number of Woodbury’s townspeople. Hershel and Carol welcome them all into the prison, while Carl asks why he brought them back. As he looks up at the catwalk, Rick doesn’t see Lori as he did earlier.

Whew, ok. I couldn’t help but tear up over Andrea’s death. I cried ok, I cried real thug tears! Also, seeing the people walk into the prison choked me up. It wouldn’t be better accommodations than Woodbury, but Rick would be a better leader to them than The Governor was even on his best days. I can’t wait until next season to see the look on his face and the anger in that one eye when he realizes that his people have abandoned him. A great way to end the season, and there was a bit of an Easter-ish message in this. Like Moses versus Rameses in ‘The Ten Commandments.’ Maybe we’ll see Rick with an even more gnarly beard and a staff in Season 4.

As you can imagine, filming this episode was difficult emotionally on the cast. We’ve got a behind the scenes c lip from AMC.com that’s totally worth watching:

Until then, signing off from Walker Land!