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Before They Were Stars! RIDICULOUS Photos!

Okay.  This one’s totally obvs and I know it–but man, what a dork.  Superfunny.  Here are some pictures of (drumroll) Celebrities Before They Were STARS!

1.  She was cute even then!

2. Hmmm.  Different nose…

3.  Oh wow.  He looks EXACTLY. The. Same.

4.  So does THIS one!

5.  I think this gal had something done to her face structurally.



6.  Sullen as ever.

7.  Well, hello there, Mr. Handsome!

8. You’ll never guess.  Wait.  Maybe you will.

9.  And again…just because there’s no hiding who this purrrdy boy be…

Oh.  It has his name right there at the bottom, dudn’t it, y’all?

Before They Were Stars – A CRAPLOAD of hilarious pictures!

Who still has their ORIGINAL nose?? Anyone?
Wow, Nicole.
Eeeek. Natalie Portman?
These are AWESOME.

Photos via: ONTD

Let me say this: Viggo Mortensen looks daaayum HOT; now and back THEN. Uhhhn.  Patrick (McDreamy) Dempsey?  Good Lord.  Explain that nose on the side of his face, someone…please.  And I love how Natalie Portman is the “hot poster girl for geeks”.  Gyaaaah. No kidding.  Check her out.  Unfortunate.

These photos are great.  Tell me what y’all think!