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Beck, Liars, St. Vincent & Os Mutantes – “Need You Tonight” (INXS Cover)


I’m pleased that Beck and his friends realize the genius that is “KICK” – the album by INXS.  I’ve come across two new covers, “Need You Tonight” and “New Sensation” from the new album being recorded by Beck (which I wrote about here last month).

via Stereogum.com

“St. Vincent takes lead vocals, while Liars’s Angus Andrew backs her up for this Record Club submission. Previously we saw and heard them do Kick’s “Guns In The Sky,” “New Sensation” and “Devil Inside.” The original track was sexy already; St. Vincent keeps her voice at a breathy purr for this cover.”

Record Club: INXS “Need You Tonight” from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

But compared to the original?

How are YOU all feeling about this? I love seeing the beginning of the video with Beck and the other musicians working on “New Sensation” while listening to the INXS original.  I’m just worried these new  versions are a little bit sleepy.

Again, though. I’m thrilled this music is being appreciated and recognized for its greatness.  Now, I’ll take my fat ass back to 1988.

Beck and friends to remake classic INXS album, “KICK”. Whaaa?

INXS's Masterpiece, "KICK"

I’m pretty excited about this:  Beck (along with Liars, St. Vincent and Os Mutantes) is covering the brilliant album by INXS, KICK.   It’s fantastic that this album is being recognized for the masterpiece it truly is.

via Stereogum.com

“So far Beck and a rotating cast have tackled Skip Spence, Leonard Cohen, and the Velvet Underground. When St. Vincent Tweeted about collaborating with Mr. Hansen, Os Mutantes, and Liars on an upcoming Record Club, I’m assuming nobody thought they’d be undertaking INXS’s 1987 blockbuster Kick. I’d actually jokingly guessed it’d be Suicide’s ‘77 debut. I mention it because Michael Hutchence’s 1997 death, which was ruled a suicide, does bring a darkness to the album and the proceedings that wasn’t there when we first heard “Devil Inside,” “Need You Tonight,” “Never Tear Us Apart,” etc. It’s a collection full of hits and the band starts where it starts with the more-percussive-than-I-remembered “Guns In The Sky.” The Angus Andrew handles lead vocals and Liars’ fingerprints are all over it.”

Record Club: INXS “Guns In The Sky” from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Yes. It's mine. Autographed by EVERY member of INXS.

Oh yeah.  THIS is hanging on our wall at home.   Signed by every member of INXS.  (Obsessed much?)