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Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder To Perform on VH1’s ‘DIVAS LIVE’?



Made ya look!  Sometimes things just make me laugh–like this photo of our precious Eddie Vedder doing what we call “Diva hands’.  Seriously. I nearly tinkled a little.

I think Ed’s technique is EVERY bit as fierce as Christina’s, RiRi’s and Lady Gaga’s.  And frankly, he’s more committed to the move than Mariah–but she’s allowed to be a bit lazy after all these years, right?

C’mon. Snort-laugh with me.


Suri Cruise Throws a Fit — Arched-Back Style!


I needed a laugh this afternoon.

Take a look a Pink-Ugged Stinkfoot screaming her head off, arching her back and darn-near bringing her Tiny Daddy down onto the street.

Those of us with kids have all dealt with the arched-back fit at some point.  It’s not funny when it’s happening to you–or even the gal down at the Walmart who’s trying to keep two other grubby kids in the cart, or “buggy” (as it’s called in Louisiana, y’all) while holdin’ the screamer.  But it IS funny when it’s happening to Mr. Perfect Tommy Girl Cruise.

So yeah.  Just because it’s funny.  Oh, Suri.

Sit DOWN in that BUGGY a-fore I pinch you!” All good parents know that PINCHES under the arm aren’t heard by Nosey Parkers who want to report a bitch to CPS. Right?