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Heidi Montag or a “Real Doll”? Oh, and BBC America Never Fails to Disappoint.

Heidi or a Real Doll?

Let’s flash back to Friday night.  I was doing the usual crap in “my office” — COUGHon-the-couch-with-laptopCOUGH — flipping channels on the teevee, and guess what I found?  That’s right, good ol’ dependable BBC America was airing Love Me, Love My Doll.  (You’ll need to click the link to view the video, and it’s probably not all that safe for work.) Remember the other wonderful shows, I’m in Love With the Eiffel Tower and I’m in Love With My Car??  Ah, well.  Now you know what you’re in for…

OH! And here’s the best part, I immediately signed onto Twitter during the Doll Show and Tweeted with several of mah gurrls (BusyBeeBlogger, Ruthie66, Amber GCS, Honey Jade) while we all watched it together.   Here are a few of our Tweets; they are all kinds of out of order, but you’ll get the gist:

Oh. BBCAmerica. “Love Me, Love My Doll” is on. “I had to remove her AWAKE face; this is her ASLEEP face…”.

  1. @busybeeblogger How have I not seen this one? This dude needs more than ONE doll. OF COURSE HE DOES. 8:10 PM Apr 9th via web in reply to busybeeblogger
  1. @busybeeblogger Hazmat, yo. 8:44 PM Apr 9th via web in reply to busybeeblogger
  2. @AmberGCS oh, I’m SURE it’s on YouTube. The weird-ass object loving women are. 8:43 PM Apr 9th via web in reply to AmberGCS
  3. @AmberGCS The movie is ONE thing…these dudes are so –wait, did he just say SECOND HONEYMOON??? 
  4. this dude’s doll’s limbs are loose. Oh gawd. She needs to be repaired, but “they’ll miss each other”. His “synthetic human”. 8:40 PM Apr 9th via web
  5. @busybeeblogger the girls are SHY.
  6. @busybeeblogger Oh we will.
  7. “She’s a hobby like people have Harley’s as a hobby…oh, and here’s here extra pubic hair in a baggie.” 8:36 PM Apr 9th via web
  8. Here we go…he’s shopping for his Doll. Hey from now on–when I call you DOLL, think about this everyone. #RealDollLovers 8:35 PM Apr 9th via web
  9. @Ruthie66 what about the 80 year old doll??? Sweet. Maybe she looked like that hot piece Betty White. THEN I would understand. #RealDolls 8:34 PM Apr 9th via web in reply to Ruthie66
  10. Hey..he’s hang gliding and leave HER in the car??Why not TANDEM?? #RealDollLover 8:31 PM Apr 9th via web
  11. Funny how most of these Real Dolls look like Angelina Jolie – not matter the race. 8:30 PM Apr 9th via web
  12. @Ruthie66 Turn it ON, sister. If we’re torturing/educating ourselves, you have to join in. 8:29 PM Apr 9th via web in reply to Ruthie66
  13. “…and the food bill is way cheaper.” Real Doll Maker explaining yet another reason why they are so awesome. 8:28 PM Apr 9th via web
  14. @busybeeblogger That’s totally what I was thinking. TOTALLY Buffalo Bill – but with worse skin. And not as charming. 8:24 PM Apr 9th via web in reply to busybeeblogger
  15. @busybeeblogger Oh gawd. Sorry, you guys are totally gonna get my comentary. HE’S GOT A BRITNEY DOLL!! He holds her upright w/chains. 8:21 PM Apr 9th via web in reply to busybeeblogger
  16. @busybeeblogger Uh huh. The American hillybilly is the worst. He’s serial killery.The Brits don’t freak me out as much…must be the accent.

By the way, one of the dudes refer to their dolls as “Synthetic” humans as opposed to “Organic” humans. Oh. Okay.  Thanks for the clarification.

This is that lame chick , Heidi Montag, from the now-canceled show on MTV The Hills, who recently underwent 10 plastic surgeries all at the same time.    Yeah, she’s real.  Well, sort of.  Here she is showing off her new, umm, triple Ds.  Oh, and her new HEAD. (I swore I’d never talk about Heidi, but this topic seemed a altogether appropriate.)

How much for HER?

Crap.  I swore I’d never talk about Montag…but I guess this is as good a time as any.

For only around $8000, she can be YOURS.

So, if you have the nerve, you can find out about the Real Dolls here by just clicking.  I would probably wait til you get home to enjoy the madness if you’re at work.  Just sayin’.

Looky! You can even get an "Avatar" Real Doll!!!

I can’t wait for the comments on this one.