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Trent Reznor Talks About Scoring David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’


Nine Inch Nails is currently touring through the UK, but Trent Reznor had some time to talk about working with David Fincher again for the upcoming adaptation of ‘Gone Girl.’ El Rez and Atticus Ross teamed up again to score the movie, which he described as “nasty.” Well, he would know.

During a stop in Finland, Reznor told  Entertainment Weekly that him and Ross had worked on the score off and on during the year, and hopes it will be ready before the film’s release in the Fall.

I’ve seen the film a number of times, and we’re deep into the integration part of it. I would hope by the time we leave for Soundgarden that it’s smooth sailing. And if it isn’t, there will be a studio set up in every hotel room until it is.”

Rez is no stranger to recording on the road, much of 2007’s Year Zero was made during NIN’s With Teeth tour, but let’s hope it’s finished before the movie hits theaters in October. 

While no one was expecting this to be the happiest movie ever made, Trent let us in on what we can expect to experience later this year.

It’s a much darker film than I was expecting. The book is not exactly uplifting or happy, but it’s a nasty film.”

I feel like the same buzz was surrounding Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and I ended up not really caring about that by the time it was released. Gone Girl has Batfleck counting against it, but if it creeped Trent Reznor out in any way, then it might be worth watching.