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More proof Lea Michele needs shut her cakehole.

Yeah, Lea. That's the face I make when I hear you sing each week.

It’s clear that I’m a complete masochist–and I realize you all know that fact.  Otherwise, there would be no reason I would be writing about screechy/whiny Lea Michele while watching screechy/whiny Elisabeth Hasselbitch (on The View) get all uppity while Joy Behar makes fun of her about “talking to CELIACS” on Facebook.   Joy could not stop laughing…and finally said, “I talk to CARPAL TUNNELS”, sending the skinny blonde into a rage.

Anyway.  THIS bitch.  Let me rephrase that.  This UNGRATEFUL bitch.  Get a load of what Ms. Sarfati–Lea’s REAL last name– had to say about her educators:

Lea (Trying Too Hard) Michele Sarfati

via Marie Claire UK

“My acting teacher and music teachers didn’t really like me and they kind of ignored me. I think that they were threatened by the fact that I had worked before. Maybe it made them uncomfortable. I would have loved for them to have taught me but maybe they felt like they couldn’t. They just ignored me and didn’t really pay attention to me. (It made me feel) like they were stupid, that it was pretty silly of them. I’m on a show called Glee right now and I could sing their praises but unfortunately I don’t have anything to say.”

Oh.  Who else can see Ms. Sarfati jerking her head side-to-side while honking, “I’m on a show called Glee right now…”, while looking down her gigantic nose at the reviewer?  I want a show of  jazz hands.

Someone needs to sit down.  Oh, and Lea?  The Icon whom you are trying so desperately to emulate, NEVER CHANGED HER LAST NAME.

There will only be ONE Streisand.

All Praise The Streisand.   Toda raba.