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Song of the Evening – ‘Born to Die’ by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

This American bird is huge in Europe–especially Germany apparently, but wouldn’t you know I’m just now latching onto her.

For some (many?) reasons, a crap-ton of bloggers are hatin’ on Lana Del Rey.  Rather than focusing on the voice and moodiness of her music, they are concentrating on her alleged plastic surgery, her stage name, her “manipulation” by the A&R/record companies….all that crap.

Can we please just LISTEN and WATCH this young woman before we start stoning her in the town square, please?  What a bunch of Judgey McJudgersons–and by the way–the majority of Lana’s critics are women.  That’s pretty gee-dee shameful, if you ask me.


Lana’s sound and videos have been compared to the works of David Lynch, and I have to agree.  Particularly this video, Born to Die.

I’d like to hear what alla y’all think of this girl.  You can do a little research on her right here.  Let’s talk.

The Pretty Reckless release album cover art in UK…

The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up

Okay.  Take a good look.  Now.  Simmer down.  It’s ROCK ‘N ROLL, you guys.  The “ohmygod, she’s just a little girl! She’s got a LIGHTER and a leather jacket!” argument is pretty lame considering some of the really horrendous album covers I’ve seen while researching this post.  (Granted, the super-gross ones aren’t even worth mentioning.)  I decided to show a few other bands who have photographs of children on their album covers–MALE bands, by the way.

That’s right.  I’m sticking up for 17-year old Taylor Momsen again.  Taylor, the lead singer and songwriter of The Pretty Reckless is NOT a Disney chick.  She’s not trying to get out of a “good girl image”…she never had that reputation.  (I don’t count playing Cindy LooWho in How the Grinch Stole Christmas in 2000 as having a rep for being a goody-goody.)  Her most notable role is that of Little J on Gossip Girl, and Taylor’s trying her best to put that show behind her.


In no way is Taylor trying to be anyone’s “role model”.  The Pretty Reckless is a much better than average female-fronted band.  Taylor and her boys have been hard at work on the giant Warped Tour around the U.S., and will also perform next month at V Festival in the U.K.

Just a reminder of some album covers — by male artists — that are now considered “genius”.

U2 - WAR album
Nirvana - Nevermind
Van Halen - 1984 album

There was also a small band called The Beatles…who tried to get away with this lovely album back in the 60’s, but did indeed change the cover to a mere photo of the band:

This is lovingly referred to as "The Butcher Baby" album cover...

Lighten UP on The Pretty Reckless.  Taylor Momsen is living her dream…at 17.

Boy, I’m all over the place on this post.  Sorry.

Taylor Momsen, Pretty Reckless “Miss Nothing” VIDEO. I LOVE IT. (Video and Photos)

Taylor Momsen - Pretty Reckless

I’m nothing if not a big, fat contradiction. I think it’s part of my charm…just ask me. Let me just say this: I effing LOVE Taylor Momsen…and I LOVE her band, Pretty Reckless‘s new single and video, “Miss Nothing”. I also think Madonna made a good choice by having Taylor be the face of her (and her daughter, Lola’s) clothing line, “Material Girl”.

Listen.  Taylor is one talented little 16 year old chick, and I’d listen to her ANY DAY over Hillybilly Miley.  Not kidding.  As for this video being blasphemous? I watched a few times, by the way.  It seems to be a METAPHOR, PEOPLE! (Please read that in Oprah’s big, announcing voice for effect.)  Did anyone else notice the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, etc. behind the apparent Last Supper table?  To me, the director was making a statement that society puts rock stars and celebrities in general in positions of “gods”.  Think about it that way.  If Lady Gaga or Madonna had made this video, sure, there would be a bit of commotion made, but there would also be all the stans praising the “genius” of the artist and director–you know it and I know it.

Collette Momsen, Taylor's mother is on the RIGHT in white; onset of "Gossip Girl" with Taylor. I wonder where Taylor got her sense of style?

Hey, and guess what?  Babygirl can SAAAAANG.  I think she’s growing up too soon, sure.  But her mother, Collette  is supportive of Tay’s career choices –just like HillBilly Ray Cyrus is supportive of his daughter.  The big difference here is that Taylor NEVER pandered to a now very confused child/tween fanbase, like Miley has done throughout her Disney career.  (Miley’s been talking sh*t about Taylor lately as well…jel-jel much?)  I think Miley wishes she could be a bit of a badass like Taylor…instead she comes off as just trashy; stripper pole and “Pretty Woman”-hooker clothing and all.

The ORIGINAL "Cherry Bomb", Cherie Currie

Watch “Miss Nothing” by Pretty Reckless and TELL me Taylor’s not talented.  Hello?? Cherie Currie, Joan Jett and The Runaways, anyone?  Come ON.  (If you”ll recall, I thought Taylor should have portrayed Cherie Currie in The Runaways instead of  Dakota Fanning.)  Sure, there’s a little Courtney Love thrown in, but Taylor has the “It Factor” if you ask me…which you didn’t. But rest assured, you always get my opinionated rants.

Okay class. Let’s hear your take on this video.  Remember: Keep an open and ARTISTIC mind when giving me your assignment. Oh, and the assignment is due by the end of the day…TODAY.

Class dismissed.

I know. THIS kind of a post after the Smith kids post?  I have my opinions, yo.  That’s why I’m here.