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If Madonna is in Rio, she’s having some (dental) work done. Nice lips, sister.

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I thought Jesus Luz dumped Madonna’s bony ass two weeks ago.  Guess not.  Maybe she sweetened the pot.  Don’t ask me what that means.

I guess they ARE back together? Oh, Madge and Baby Jesus.

All I know is, whenever a celebrity goes to Brazil, they come back looking a bit different. **COUGHLotsOfPlasticSurgeryNotPerformedInTheUnitedStatesCOUGH** Check out Madonna’s giant lips.  They haven’t been that puffy since 1992 during her “Erotica” and “SEX” phase. I just don’t wanna see her hitchhiking naked again.  Hooker, please.

Just in time for Carnival in Rio, Madge schedule her (alleged) “skincare” appointments, and brought along daughters Mercy and Lourdes to visit Baby Jesus’ homeland.  (Do we still refer to Lourdes as “Lola”? I need to know.  Help me out.)

Photo by: Iko - STUNNING

Yeah, posting this photo is kinda random, but man, it’s really beautiful.

Madonna!  Quit distracting me.  You totally had your lips puffed up, and I KNOW it!