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Song of the Day – ‘Love Letter’ by Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes

Clairy Browne


Yeah, yeah. The Heineken commercial turned me on to Clairy Brown & the Bangin’ Rackettes about a month ago, but so what?

Sure, the Winehouse comparisons are all over the place, but come ON.  A bee-hive wig does not an Amy-impersonator make.  Clairy Browne can saaang.  We’re in full 60s R&B-retro here. Get a load of their bio on their website, clairybrowne.com:

“Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes have decided to hit the road one more time before heading to Europe so this will be the last chance to catch this awesome live band for quite some time!

This nine piece ensemble have been making a splash at home [Australia] and internationally with their original take on soul, jump blues, doo-wop, ska and r’n’b. Clairy Browne and her harmonizing girl gang the Bangin’ Rackettes have earned a reputation for their dynamic live show which is an experience from start to finish, created with the intention of taking their audience to another place complete with all the heightened hysteria of 1960’s music TV.  As a journalist recently put it:

 “To label the show a ‘gig’ is a huge injustice to the whole production. While the spectacle is electrifying, the spine of the group is Browne. She’s warm, ballsy, with an enormous voice that could move mountains.” Madeleine O’Gorman, The Music.com.au

Warnings: Large amounts of Whitney Houston-ing, finger waving, hip shaking, soul screams, heart break, a wig technician and more woman than Regional Australia will ever be ready for.”

Baby Caught the Bus

HAHAHAAAA! “Whitney Houston-ing”.  Perfect.

I dare y’all NOT to explode into diva-hands and posturing while listening to the new cd, Baby Caught the Bus which is available HERE on iTunes.