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Jared Leto is Auditioning on YouTube for the Kurt Cobain Biopic. I Guess.

Jared as Kurt

I was prepared to turn up my snooty Seattle nose at the mere notion of this mess.   But…it’s not that much of a mess. I was looking hard at pictures of Kurt Cobain last night and how truly delicate and beautiful he was. Perfect nose. Piercing blue eyes.  So fragile and small.  Just like the dude up there

I expect some of y’all to come at me about my endorsement of Pretty Boy Jared Leto portraying the legendary Cobain, whose death was 17 years ago yesterday, but come on.  Watch this video and just try to think of any other actor (and singer) who could pull this off.  No, not Ryan Gosling. CERTAINLY not Robert Pattinson, forpitysake!

The Iconic Bench at Viretta Park, adjacent to Kurt and Courtney's Former Home in Seattle

Photo: jaBrink

If even I can be open-minded about this, can’t y’all be, too? Tell me what you think!!