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Happy Birthday, David Lynch!

Happy Birthday, you crazy-genius.

I’m not an expert on the works of David Lynch, but I’ve seen (read: endured, tortured myself, fell asleep during, was riveted by, had nightmares about, fell in love with certain characters, almost vomited during, and now have an un-natural fear of owls because of) many of his  films, as well as the beloved TV show, Twin Peaks. (Oh, Audrey Horne, you minx.)

Sherilyn Fenn - "Audrey Horne" from "Twin Peaks"

David Lynch, the visionary director of  Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, Wild at Heart, Mulholland Drive and my favorite film by Mr. Lynch, The Elephant Man is celebrating his 66th birthday today. (If you haven’t seen this beautiful film, you must.  You MUST.)

Thank goodness for the YouTube.  I found a wonderful piece that masterfully encompasses all that IS David Lynch and his work and vision.

What is your favorite David Lynch piece of work?  It was your least favorite?  If nothing else, Mr. Lynch will get inside your psyche in a very visceral manner…whether it’s with disgust or sheer beauty–or both.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

p.s. I can do a spot-on imitation of the “baby” from Eraserhead.  Ask Patrick. It totally freaks him right out…which means I’ll do it just to torture him.  Heh.