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Antoine Dodson is gettin’ a reality show.

Ooooohweeee, y'all. Looka who's gettin' a TV show. p.s. It's the dude on the RIGHT with the Ell Vee handbag.

OhmahLAWD.  Can y’all believe that  Antoine (“hide yo kids-yo wife-an yo husband….they rapin’ errr-body!“) Dodson is getting his/her own reality show?  After seeing him on Tosh.0 last week, I know for a FACT that I’ll be watching Antoine’s cray-crayness.

There’s something very endearing about Antoine, doncha think?

Oh, I found the extended (read: worse and funnier) version the Tosh.0’s web redemption with Antoine:

via ComedyCentral:

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Antoine Dodson’s Extended Interview
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Cannot. Wait.