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Westminster Kennel Club Winner…Hmmmph.

Hey, Sadie? It's not very sportsman-like (sportsbitch-like?) to stick your tongue out at the losers. FYI.
Sadie, the Scottie Dog - 2010 Westminster Best in Show Winner

Lemme tell ya something:  As soon as I heard that Sadie, the Scottish Terrior had the opportunity to win the “Triple Crown” of the dog show world, I knew she’d win. KNEW it.  I saw her win the Eukanuba Dog Show a couple of weeks ago, so it wasn’t much of a stretch, I realize. (Along  with winning the National Dog Show in November.)

Chanel the Whippet, 2010 Best of Breed AND Group at Westminster

I, of course, was rooting for the Boxer and the Whippet.  (My whippet, Angelina wanted to hear about Chanel, the whippet who competed in the Best in Show ring about as much as I like hearing about effing Kate Moss and her skinny arse.  In fact, Angelina insinuated that “Chanel” was kind of a tranny name and that she should be on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and in the Westminster Dog Show. Oh, Angelina.)

Scarlett the Boxer, 2010 Best of Breed at Westminster and 2nd in Best in Group

The Boxer was a lovely bitch named “SCARLETT” of all things. (Y’all know how ahh feel ’bout Miss Scaaahlett.) She placed second in the Working Group in last night’s competition, but was one-upped by the Doberman Pinscher.  Psssh.  Our Boxer, James slept and snored through the whole thing and could not have cared less.

My babies:

Loverman James Beckham snugglin' with Mom
Angelina, hiding her chubbiness.

I’m a big ol’ queer for my dogs. So what??  I’ll bet a lot of you are!