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Anne Hathaway and Rihanna On ‘Saturday Night Live’


Anne Hathaway has her third go at being host while Rihanna returns to the show for the fourth time. Riri has hosted herself but was noticeably absent from any of the sketches, which there didn’t seem to be a lot of last night. Even though Anne has a history with the show, and has done a decent amount of comedy in her career, something that I just noticed about her is that she really enjoys making fun of other actresses. She is at least gracious about it, unlike other people who have hosted in the recent seasons, looking at you Katy Perry, who almost come off as slightly vindictive.

If election night was stressful for us, could you imagine how it was for Mitt Romney and President Obama. The Cold Open went to his house on that night where he was calm, save for some milk drinking. Taran Killam plays multiple Romney sons and Kate McKinnon is Ann, did this make me feel sorry for Mittens’ loss?

Chances are Jason Sudeikis will be leaving the show at the beginning of next year so this was a nice little sendoff for his version of Mitt, the next best one played by Jimmy Fallon on his talk show. He was ready to go, or to be let go, at the end of last season when Kristen Wiig left, but I’m glad he stuck around to play one of the most clueless guys in political history.

I think I’m one of the few people that doesn’t enjoy monologues where the hosts sings. It always goes on a bit too long. That was the case with Anne’s. Of course she has a big movie to promote, ‘Les Miserables,’ but there is something about her singing that is so smug to me. She did sound good though as her and the cast celebrated the glorious day off that is Sunday in a parody of “One More Day.”

Best Sketches

“Homeland” is a thing, a thing I’m not into even though it shoots it’s episodes in my area. This is the second week in a row that it’s been mentioned in on ‘SNL‘ and even though I don’t watch it, this was pretty funny. Anne is the show’s star Claire Danes and has her awful chin crying down pact. Bill Hader also makes a good Mandy Patakin, I’m sure I missed a joke or two but the sketch dissolves into Carrie kind of being a psychopath obsessed with algorithms. If that’s what “Homeland” is actually about, I might start watching it.

“Mokiki.” What was this?! It had a “Digital Short” feel to it, which again made me miss Andy Samberg again. Taran is Mokiki, some poor guy who was experimented on and now roams NYC doing his Sloppy Swish dance. Props if you actually got up and did this while the sketch played.

“Weekend Update” had a lot to talk about but sort of skimmed over the whole Presidential Election. Jay Pharoah made an appearance as Obama, maybe to make up for the fact that a sketch with him was cut from the last episode. Is it me or has Obama gotten more arrogant now that Jay is playing him? Along with him getting another four year term, lots of history was made on Election night, like Maine voting in favor of same sex marriage. Hader and Fred Armisen play a gay, lobster fishing dressed couple who’ve come to relish the news.

An oldie, but a goodie, Bobby Moynihan brings back “Drunk Uncle” who can never figure out what’s going on these days. Something tells me Drunk Uncle accidentally voted for Obama.

The Not As Good Sketches

Usually I would call these the worst but they were just okay. You can tell when the writing staff works a little harder trying to give certain hosts good material. “Girlfriends Talk Show” and “American Gothic” were decent enough, I’m glad some of the new cast members got their time to shine early in the show.

The “McDonald’s Firing” featured most of the cast gathering as someone on the Micky D’s crew was about to get the axe. We wouldn’t find that out until after Moynihan and Cecily Strong finished berating the other employees.

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” would have been better if it had stuck with her guest, Anne as Katie Holmes, rather than the fact that after 10 years she still dances horribly and dresses like a guy.

Rihanna performed two new songs, the first of which was her latest single “Diamonds.” Okay, honestly I didn’t really listen to either performance, but the first featured some weird, gif-like backdrop that was distracting enough for me to overlook her outfit.

The second song, “Stay” was gif-less and according to some people on my Twitter timeline, she “SLAYED” but I think this was just another Riri performance where she got through the notes without cracking.


The show felt a little shot, but there was enough time for Anne to eek out a list of Thank Yous at the end. “Thank you to Katie Holmes and Claire Danes!” You had me, Anne, then you lost me again. Letting Rihanna say something was kind of cute. I guess.

Credit goes to Steph-Was-Here for the screenshots.


Anne Hathaway Marries Adam Shulman – First Photos!

Photos: FabSugar.com

Anne Hathaway is officially married, as confirmed by People. The actress married Adam Schulman in a ceremony in Big Sur, California. This was the site of Natalie Portman‘s wedding back in August, but we suspect that Anne’s nuptials weren’t as granola.


More than 100 guests were attendance for the weekend wedding held at a private estate. Hathaway wore a custom gown designed by her friend Valentino.


Reportedly, Yifat Oren was the wedding planner, who also organized Portman’s wedding. The wedding décor was inspired by nature, with many branches used to create a ceremony and reception to blend in with the majestic Big Sur surroundings, a source told People.

Shulman, 31, an actor and jewelry designer proposed to Hathaway, 29, last November after three years of dating.

‘Les Miserables’ Poster Unveiled – Stays True To Tradition – Extended Featurette Video


Even though Les Miz is drowning in star-power (Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried) the poster for the film of the classic musical is staying true to its Broadway roots by featuring Isabelle Allen’s haunting young face.  She plays the young Cosette in the film, and with her windswept hair, the image is clearly a nod to the original.


Universal released an extended Featurette which showcases the live singing that we will see by the stars in the film, which opens Christmas 2012.

Here’s where I am readying myself for a public flogging (at least by my theater friends…).  I’ve never seen the musical OR read the book.  I really have no idea why I haven’t. I just haven’t.

Now I’m hiding under my bed out of fear and shame…