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Ambassador Wintour, Is Vogue Editor Headed for New Job?

The ever-pinched Anna Wintour


Anna Wintour let her support for President Obama be known loud and clear, chairing a number of fundraisers for the leader of her adopted homeland.

Now he may be returning the love by appointing the Vogue editor ambassador to the UK.

To be delicate Ms. Wintour is not known for her diplomacy but a charm offensive may well reshape her public image.  The director of a new HBO documentary, In Vogue: the Editor’s Eye, says Wintour “is accessible, smart and furry.”


Insert as many side eyes and as much sucking of teeth as you see fit.

But it does give me an excuse to relate my FAVE Wintour Tale. While conducting an affair during her marriage to David Shaffer (father of Bee) Wintour was spotted by an acquaintance leaving an apartment with her paramour in the wee hours of the morning. Her frenemy noticed the couple because of Anna’s  distinctive chinchilla wrap.  Lesson learned. When having illicit trysts, leave the signature fashion items at home kids!

With her absolute devotion to Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, if the UK gig doesn’t pan out there is always Switzerland.

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye will premiere on HBO December 6, at 9PM.