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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Engaged

“What do you MEAN they didn’t get married this weekend??” – J.Aniston


In what isn’t Spice Girls news, Jennifer Aniston just got engaged to boyfriend Justin Theroux on Friday. “Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” his rep told People.

Aniston, 43, and Theroux, 41, met while shooting their gawd-awful film Wanderlust and have been together for about a year. We know Jennifer used to be married to that dude from ‘Fight Club but this will be Justin’s first marriage.

Let’s all prepare ourselves for the unnecessary engagement ring comparisons betweenJennifer’s

“He went to Jared…”

and Angie’s:

“He went to Robert Procop…”


Jennifer Aniston is “not a big fan of dating”…Durrrr.

Oh, Jen.


Push away those Bitter Tears.  (Remember, that’s Jen’s new fragrance!)  Apparently, Jen is her “own best friend” these days.  Good thing, right?   Honestly, when are we going to stop hearing about Sad Clown’s Sad Life?

via RedOnline.co.uk

“Newly flown home from a punishing promotional tour of Europe for her latest twinkling rom-com Just Go With It (where she unveiled a new shorter, brighter haircut), the star is understandably jet-lagged and exhausted. ‘I’m like a dead man walking,’ she says.Only one thing for it, take to the comfiest room in the house. ‘There’s a lot of down pillows,’ she confesses. ‘I’m a pillow girl, so
I can create the closest thing to a cloud that I can.’

She’s known, still, as The Most Beautiful Everywoman In The World, Hollywood’s foremost A-list funny girl, whom most women readily relate to. Her debut fragrance, Jennifer Aniston, which she’s promoting today, was a huge success when it launched exclusively at Harrods last year and is now selling phenomenally well stateside, too.

‘I tried to collect all of the smells that I love in a bottle,’ she enthuses. ‘I kind of layer things on, whether it’s lotions or serums and oils – all the things you lather up when you get out of the bathtub and pamper yourself, all the things that make you feel really clean, sexy, sensual and refreshed. It took a while, but I think I got there and I’m very proud of the result. It’s a wonderful experience to work in a perfumery and create something unique.’ “

“Bitter Tears” by Jen Aniston


I’m really growing weary of Jen’s Lonely Life and hearing about how she’s “a pillow girl”.  Aren’t you?  Maybe she can cover Beck’s song, Loser and call it Spinster.

Sorry, that was mean.

Jennifer Aniston being funny on Chelsea Lately (VIDEO)

Jen and Chelsea

I know.  I’m usually mercilessly unkind (read: supermean) when it comes to Aniston, but y’all know I’m just playin’, right?  Well.  Girlfriend was on the Chelsea Lately promoting her new movie (where she plays the same Rachel/Jen-character, as per usual), The Switch and Jen was actually pretty cool.  I loved her throaty “smoker laugh”, especially.  She certainly kept up with Chelsea in terms of The Funny, so good for her.  The chatter about Jen’s fragrance “Bitter Tears” was great. (I’m assuming that’s still the name–they didn’t actually MENTION what her toilet water is called.)

Take a gander, via E!”

How funny would it be to see these two stroll into a club, ordering up their vodka and tequila, gettin’ all kindsa tipsy–but going home along?  (Like that would happen…) But still.

(SEE, Tana? I can be nice about Jen. )  Sorta.