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Tom Ford Talks New Collection, Movie and Baby With Andre Leon Talley

Smuggy McPretentious Tom Ford


Lord knows I love designer, film-maker and all around Fancy Pants,  Tom Ford.  But lest we forget, dude’s from Austin, Texas.  One wouldn’t, however, make that assumption by listening to Mr. Ford speak with Vogue Contributing Editor, André Leon Talley about changing a “diuhh-puhh” or two when his baby son Jack does something utterly gauche into it after his meal. (I’m quite sure Master Jack will be trained in the art of non-elimination within a year or so.)

Please do take a moment out of your busy day to listen to the pretentious faux-Euro accents of these two Southern American fashion icons.  

One more thing?

Oh, Andre`.


André Leon Talley was born and raised in North Carolina. I’m pretty sure (and Brittani – The Girl You Want can verify this for me), that ALT’s accent isn’t quite an authentic NC dialect.  

Honestly. THESE two.