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Separated At Birth: Louisville’s Kevin Ware and Andre 3000

Andre 3000 (L) and Louisville basketballer Kevin Ware (R)

In all seriousness? Right? I’ve had a crush on Andre` for YEARS…now it looks like I can crush times two!

By now everyone has seen (and screamed at the TV screen) Kevin Ware’s horrific leg-break during the Louisville-Duke game after he landed badly from a jump to block a three-point shot on Sunday night.

Kevin Ware telling his teammates to WIN after violently breaking his leg during a routine jump.

Photo: Getty Images

Thankfully, Kevin has been cleared to travel with the team to Atlanta for Saturday’s national semifinal against Wichita State.

Let’s Celebrate Jimi Hendrix Today!

The Jimi Hendrix statue in Seattle – His hometown


The appearance of Prince on my television screen is ALWAYS a happy occasion. Rocking a teeny weeny afro and yellow pants, as usual whatever he is selling, I am happily buying.

But today belongs to another insanely talented guitarist of color, Jimi Hendrix. His death 42 years ago was an epic tragedy for the music industry and helped to cement the notion of the 27 Club. Its membership is sometimes extended to include celebrities of any kind, which is why Amanda Rae is here for 26-year old Amanda Bynes.

Andre 3000 (L) as Jimi…and the real thing (R)

A movie about Hendrix, starring rapper/actor Andre 3000 is currently in production. Unfortunately, it will not include any of the singer’s signature tracks. The Hendrix estate, with his sister Janie at the helm has stated that they will not release any music without their full participation in the project. To get around that the film will focus on the early years of Hendrix.

It may ultimately prove successful but will not allow Andre 3000 to showcase his potential in full. I want to see him as Jimi at the height of his reign, not during “the making of” years. But if the rumors are true that the estate will not cooperate with any  biopic that depicts Hendrix using drugs, I may never get to see the movie I am looking for.


First Look At Andre 3000 As Jimi Hendrix

Andre as Jimi


Andre 3000 was spotted on the set of his movie ‘All Is By My Side‘ looking a lot like the film’s subject Jimi Hendrix. The movie, which just started shooting in Dublin, Ireland, will focus on Hendrix’s career around the time he moved to London  in 1966 and hit it big.

Although Andre bears a striking resemblance to Jimi, I’m not sure how the movie will fair. Hendrix’s estate had previously blocked requests to use his music for the movie. So can you do a movie about one of rock’s greatest musicians without his music? (At least “All Along the Watchtower”  was written by Bob Dylan, so I hope they milk that thing within an inch of its life.)


Here are two videos…one for the Vietnam Vets who are finally getting their due respect this Memorial Day, and another with Jimi Hendrix performing live.

We’ll have to see, but if Jenna Maroney from 30 Rock can pull off a Janis Joplin biopic without her music, maybe they can, too.