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Amy Winehouse Died From Alcohol Poisoning – Coroner’s Report Released

Oh, Amy.

Hey. Looks like we need a heads up on alcohol poisoning.  The news of Amy Winehouse’s death from alcohol poisoning is heart-breaking and frighteningly close to home, as some of you know–but my loved-one is on the mend and doing well, if any of you are wondering. (Always feel free to email me at divajulia@dippedincream.com — I’ll most certainly respond!)

via NME.com

Amy Winehouse died of excessive alcohol consumption, having consumed enough alcohol on the day of her death to render her more than four-and-a-half times over the drink drive limit, an inquest has heard. The inquest, which took place today (October 26) at St Pancras Coroners Court, has recorded that the singer’s death was as a result of “misadventure”, reports BBC News. St Pancras coroner Suzanne Greenway, who conducted the hearing, said:

“She [Winehouse] had consumed sufficient alcohol at 416mg per decilitre (of blood) and the unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels was her sudden and unexpected death.” Three empty vodka bottles, two large and one small, were found at her house in Camden, resulting in the singer’s blood containing 416mg of alcohol per 100ml. The legal drink-drive limit is .08 mg.

We all knew that eventually it may come to this for Amy.   I remember being told by my dear friend Derek in Germany–and of course they all knew before we did here in the States. I was bummed…then it just started to hurt more and more.  Most of you can understand why…

Hunter, at Moondogs

I am so very appreciative of those of you who have taken the time to ask about Hunter and how he’s doing.  You have no idea how much your love and empathy mean to our family.  I’m hearing Hunter laugh again.  He’s reading classic books…Hemingway and the like, along with the hilarity of David Sedaris thrown in for good measure.

Hunter loves and cherishes all the letters and cards he’s been receiving.  Again…if you’re interested in contacting him, let me know.  xoxo ~ j