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The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Too Far Gone’

The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Photos: AMC/TheWalkingDead

The Walking Dead’ delivered on it’s promise that everyone would fight, and some would fall for the mid-season finale. After the past couple of episodes, I’ve felt some type of way about this show. There was too much of The Governor, but it set us up for his long awaited, and needed, demise. There were numerous deaths, one of them very shocking and violent. There was also no sign of Carol, but i’m sure she’s not gone for good.



So, The Governor, real name Brian by the way, was left by Martinez and Shumpert after he shot all of Woodbury’s former residents on the road. He wandered around for a month, almost dying of exhaustion and hunger until he was taken in by Lilly, her sister Tara, her daughter Meaghan and their dad. After their father dies, they hit the road and while trying to escape from a group of walkers, Meaghan falls into a hole and has to be saved by The Governor. There he meets up with Martinez and his new group. Not wasting any of his crazy time, he kills Martinez while he’s hitting golf balls and then offs two other of the guys to take over the camp and become it’s leader. In the woods outside the prison, he spies Rick and Carl tending to the garden, then sees Michonne and Hershel. He kidnaps them and tells the others that they’ll use them to gain access to the prison. Tara, the only person in the group with any sense wants no part of it but is pressured into joining them. They make their way to the prison fence and demand Rick comes out for a “talk.”

As everyone gets strapped up, Rick tries to talk to The Governor, reasoning that they could live in peace with each other. Brian knows that just won’t work and he thinks they deserve the prison. In one of his more barbaric acts, he uses Michonne’s kitana to slash Hershel’s neck. Rick and his group start to open fire, starting off the gun fight where both he and Bob get shot. During the chaos, Michonne gets free while the little kids take is upon themselves to defend the prison. The Governor finishes off Hershel just as Lilly arrives with a dead Meaghan. While they were back at the camp, Meaghan was attacked by a mud zombie who had been buried underneath the dirt she played in. It was nice to see Rick and The Governor have a full on fist fight, even though Rick was getting his ass kicked. All he had to do was stick his fingers in his good eye and he would have had the upper hand. Michonne, always one to keep her promise, uses her weapon to stab Phillip/Brian/TheGovernor in the chest. Just when I was wondering why she didn’t just cut his head off the way he did Hershel’s, Lilly gets her revenge by shooting him in the head.


If killing off one of the best characters wasn’t enough, there’s a possibility that baby Judith may be dead. Rick and Carl only see her bloody car seat, but it’s empty. Let’s hope either Beth or one of the kids saved her in time to get her on the bus. There was also Tyreese’s discovery of a hole where Karen and that other dude whose name I can never remember where burned alive. It was like the hole at the fence where someone had been feeding the walkers rats. My theory is that the little messed up one burned the bodies and Carol covered for her. Daryl was upset that Rick asked her to leave, but not as much as maybe he should have been. So ding-dong, The Governor’s dead, and we’ll find out what happens to the crew after all of this when the show returns in February.

Until then, Dead stans!

Walter White To Receive a Proper Funeral in Albuquerque For Local Charity

Walter White's Obituary
Walter White’s Obituary

Photo: Albuquerque Journal

Clearly we cannot get enough of Breaking Bad.  Like, seriously. This speaks volumes about arguably the best TV series EVER, don’t you think? As much as I loved The Sopranos, I was never all balled-up in a fetal position with a stomachache  during an episode, then having a TV show-hangover for a few days.  Only Breaking Bad has done that to me.




The Hollywood Reporter is well, reporting that The ABQ Sheriff’s Department has organized a funeral and reception to raise money for Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless.  Obviously, in order to attend and pay your respects to our beloved, damaged, ill, teacher-turned meth cooker, Heisenberg/Walter White, it’s gonna cost ya, but in a good way. You can get all the details here and book your flights, bitches.


Oh, Jesse.
Oh, Jesse. (Aaron Paul being adorable.)


I wonder if Jesse will be there? Maybe Skinny Pete?  All I know, is I wish I could go to this event…




Say My Name.


You’re goddamned right.

Mad Men recap, ‘Man With A Plan’

Photos: AMC

I have to say after last week’s great episode, I was a little let down by most of what went down on Sunday night’s episode. I’ve felt some kind of way about Don these past couple of seasons and now I’m just tired of him. The merger has left the office in disarray, but he could not care less. Pete’s life is steadily falling apart and does Joan have a new love interest?

Ted: This is the first time I get to really talk about Ted and I can I just say that I think he’s cute. No? Alrighty, well he waltzes into the new SCDP-CGC offices (what are they calling this company now anyways?) looking forward to starting a new but is instantly hit in the face with how little SCDP’s creatives know about the products they are creating ads for.

It doesn’t help that Don is welcoming him by getting him plastered at work. His friend Ted Gleason is now in the hospital battling cancer, but he gives him some sage advice about Don, who even he seems fascinated by. Just give in to him, even if that means getting drunk on the job. Later he and Don go to see the people at Mohawk airlines with Ted flying their very small plane. I feel like Ted is ready for a bromance to spark off between them, but maybe he should keep his distance because Ted can’t hold his liquor.

Pete: He doesn’t adjust to change, at least not when he has nothing to do with it. At a meeting where Bert officially welcomes the new partners, he doesn’t have a seat. Ken is out, so he has to go complain to Harry who has been demoted to a smaller office as Peggy has taken his. He gets a call that his mother is at his apartment, when he arrives his brother refuses to take her back home. His mother is suffering from dementia, and Pete is trying his hardest to deal with it. He gets another call at work that there has been a fire, started by her leaving a tea kettle on the stove. Because of this he misses the meeting with Mohawk Airlines and gets shown again that he isn’t as important as he thinks he is, or perhaps should be, at SCDP. Now that there are new guys at the company, there will be even less for him to do but he’ll just have to grin and bear it.

Joan: More employees, more work to do. Joan is handling the new merger well until she starts to get some sharp pains in her side. Bob Benson finds her in her office, sweating and heaving into a trash can. He offers to show her out and then takes her to a local hospital where he helps her get the urgent care she needs. Bob might be the most kiss-assiest person to have ever existed on television, but he’s nice and well meaning. The next day he drops by her apartment to make sure she’s ok and to deliver a football for her son Kevin. Joan’s mom looked like she was ready to pounce on him herself, but Joan tells her that Bob is too young. Or is he? While discussing employee cuts, Bob is on the chopping block for a minute until Pete and Joan mention how much of an asset he is, especially since he’s been working on Ken’s accounts. Pete saved him because Bob is so eager to please and is pretty much his personal assistant, but why did Joan keep him from being fired? She knows he’s a good buy with a reputation for being a brown-noser, but things could be heating up between them, or maybe she knows better than to get involved with another man with whom she works.

Don: Uuuuuggggghhhhh. While things are changing around him, Don remains the same. That’s been his m.o. since this damn show started but it’s getting pretty tired now. His only concern during the merger is his suddenly disappeared secretary, and where the hell was Dawn anyways?! Instead of going over a big account for Fleischmann’s Margarine with Ted, Peggy and the creatives, he sneaks away to a hotel with Sylvia. So they have sex and continue to be gross and he leaves her there to play games all day.

Don then shows up to the margarine meeting 40 minutes late, angering Ted but he makes it up to him by getting him drunk. Throughout the day he sends Sylvia a dress, makes her wait three hours for him, and then makes her strip so they can have sex all over again. It was like 50 Shades of Don, [Ed. Note: Cut to DivaJulia snort-choke-laughing at that one. Oh, Brittani!!] only even less sexy and like 10 times more boring. When he returns from his trip to see the Mohawk people, she Sylvia tells him that’s its over and that they should go home. She mentions a dream she had, where he died in a plane crash and comforted Megan at his funeral. Speaking of Megan or her husband are total boner-killers for him so it’s best that ended when it did. Sylvia didn’t seem like the best playmate for Don’s little games, she was hesitant and unsure and I think a bit freaked out. So he reluctantly goes home to Megan and her yammering, practically on the verge of tears because he has to deal with his wife now. Oh for the love of GOD.

The episode ended with Megan crying on the bed while watching tv coverage of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. Don appeared unmoved by the whole thing. Was Robert Kennedy’s death supposed to symbolize the death of Don’s independence? Peggy told him to “move forward” in regards to his drinking on the job and the way he deals with Ted. He needs to move forward period. How long did he think his affair with Sylvia was going to last anyways? Don, she lives in your building! At least stop being lazy and get a girlfriend whose mailbox isn’t next to yours.

Times they are a-changing, but not really for the best.