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Quote of the Day: ‘I’m a multi-millionaire, retired’ – Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes gave a statement to Us Weekly on Thursday, stating: “I’m suing In Touch for printing a fake story. I’m not ‘troubled.’ I don’t get naked in public. I’m 26, a multi-millionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy.”  Bitch, respect your own privacy. And multi-millionaire? Come on, now.

The story in question documented the first alleged sighting of the actress, as she has generally been lying low recently, after weeks of reports of her manic behavior and perpetual game of bumper cars that no one else seemed to be in on.

In Touch reported that Bynes had been “walking around at Beach Bump tanning salon in New York completely naked.” Their source alleged that she “didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked. She seemed totally out of it… There was definitely something wrong with her.”

That sounds pretty similar to the other assorted Bynes stories of late. But I find it interesting that she is not considering suing any other publications over reports of her other shenanigans.

Apparently taking a spin class in a push-up bra and getting into a fight with a paparazzo is fine, but she draws the line and walking around naked in a tanning salon.

That’s it, Amanda. Way to own your crazy.

Amanda Bynes Doesn’t Want to Run Into Lindsay Lohan in NYC

Train and Wreck!


My extensive coverage of the Amanda Bynes breakdown here at Dipped In Cream has not only allowed me to verbally express my completely unadulterated love and fascination with Hollywood trainwrecks, but it has also turned my twitter into a virtual playground of sheer hilarity and opinions on the situation.


The majority of my followers already know how much of a Lindsay Lohan stan I am and always have been, so my interactions blew up a few weeks ago when Lohan shaded Amanda Bynes hard as hell with the tweet: “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?

Gold. Just pure gold. Naturally, I came to mind again today when RadarOnline reported that they’ve been told by “sources” that Bynes is doing everything in her power to steer clear of Lohan now that both of them are in New York City.

This alleged ‘insider’ tells the website that Bynes was “considering staying at the Dream Hotel, but nixed the idea after learning that Lohan has been hanging out there.”

The Nightmare Dream Hotel

Photo: PacificCoastNews.com

Oh, the Dream Hotel, where Lindsay had her own hit-and-run episode just a few weeks ago? Although the incident turned out to be grossly exaggerated, the irony still managed to tickle me pink.

It seems to me as if these two delightful girls have a blatant conflict of interest and more in common than any of us ever realized. While they are both wasting time shading one other, they’re missing out on an obvious money-making opportunity here.


Why is Amanda Bynes relocating to NYC to try and start a clothing line that is inevitably just going to crash into the ground (Am I the only one who remembers Dear by Amanda Bynes for Steve & Barry’s in 2007? Okay, probably), when these two could team up and take over the world? Do an interview. Show up to events with smeared eyeliner. Fight crime!

I’m getting myself worked up.

RadarOnline also reports that Amanda has been calling ahead to assorted restaurants and stores just to ensure that she won’t ultimately end up running into Lindsay and giving ammo to the paparazzi in such a situation.

While I do agree that the paps (and I, let’s be real) would go crazy over just the idea of catching these two engaging in an awkward run-in, calling ahead to everywhere you go just seems a bit excessive and thirsty. Don’t you have someone on your team that could do that shit for you?

Oh, that’s right, Amanda…they have all respectfully resigned.

Hey, and a big THANKS to JCarter13 for the Twitter contribution!

Speak of The Devil – Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of Spin Class; Her Entire Management Team Quits

Who is Amanda Talking To?

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda.

After being kicked out of a SoulCycle spin class at Equinox in Hollywood on Tuesday allegedly for displaying more erratic behavior, Amanda released a statement to people magazine saying that she is completely fine and still maintaining the fact that she doesn’t drink and the DUI stories are all false.


TMZ reports that during the spin class, Amanda randomly got up and switched bikes, before taking off her shirt to reveal her sexy, black push-up (NON-sports) bra, drawing the attention of the instructor, and most likely everyone else in the class. But it wasn’t until she got up and walked to the mirror, where she spent 10 minutes re-applying her makeup that she was asked to leave.

Later that day, Entertainment Tonight released the first live video of her insane behavior so that we all could finally witness it firsthand.

In the video, the paparazzi pulls a sneak attack on a unsuspecting Amanda by running up behind her quietly to snap photos while the actress was walking down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. After she throws her hands up and covers her face, Amanda tries to reason with the pap, telling him that she’ll let him take a picture if she lets him see the ones he got.

Upon inspection, Amanda tells him he needs to ”delete the one of my face, I have to look beautiful.

The two scuffle, fighting over the camera, with the photographer yelling at her to stop pinching him and digging her nails into his neck, and Amanda walking away from the scene calmly repeating, “I didn’t touch you.”

Does it go against my journalistic integrity to use a O___O emoticon to describe how I felt watching this? Because oh, well.

Today, it was reported that Amanda was dropped by her entire management team. Her agent, publicist and lawyer have all walked away, citing that they have made “multiple efforts” to help her, but concluding that they “can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped.”

My offer still stands, babygirl;  let’s grab a drink. Or, you can have a water since you apparently don’t consume any alcohol. But I’ll definitely need one.