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Paltrow singing “Eff You” on “GLEE” – full video; (Ain’t that some sh*t?)


Who would have thought that the two chicks who irritate me The. Most. would be on-screen together? Paltrow and Lea Michele all at one time. Crammed into one hour and crammed into my left eye for a good dose of smug. OhdearLORD, I’m so happy I have MARIA to write about Glee for me, because I just can’t.

I’ll wait while you gather up your tuna on white with mayo, a TAB soda and a twinkie (thank you Navin Johnson), then you can watch Smugyth Blandtrow–I’m copywriting that moniker, so don’t EVEN.

Imma say it again…ain’t that some shit?

Tom Ford bullies fat billionaires; won’t sell to them in his fancy store.

"No fatties allowed" - Tom Ford

Just because I find Tom Ford to be one of the hottest pieces of ass on the planet doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a GD bitch.  How could he not be?  Just look at him.

As you know, Tom, whom we refer to as Hot Ass for this piece (see what I did there? Clevv-err), brought Gucci back to life in the 90’s has a big ol’ fancy men’s store in Manhattan.  Apparently, the door was big enough to let billionaire and Italian businessman, Jean Pigozzi in–and then back out with a swift kick and a “you’re too fat” sign taped to his back autographed by none other than Hot Ass.  Nice.  Hot Ass is also a Dumb Ass.

Jean deserves a nice suit, too!

via Vanity Fair:

[Jean Pigozzi]  told him: ‘Tom, I went to your shop. I couldn’t buy a handkerchief.

‘Tom said, “You know why? I don’t want big fat guys like you in my shop” … But I think he’s making a mistake because big guys like me have the money.’

Oh. Gurrrl.  No (s)he ditn’t.  Right in front of his back.  I had no idea Hot (Dumb) Ass was auditioning for The A-List: New York on LOGO with that kind of queenie bitchiness, but apparently (s)he is every bit as judgey, snippy and see you next Tuesday-ish as Austin, Derek and Reichen on that hot-mess of a gayfest reality show.

(Sidebar: I’m still trying to decide whether or not to even discuss this mess of a reality (as bloody IF) show, because, as my BFF Patrick says, “This has put homosexuals back a good 30 years! But it’s my new favorite show!!” Hey, Patrick?  You’re not helping with my decision.)

Okay, back to the Hot Dumbass, Tom Ford.  My husband and I were watching Cougar Town last night–which I do have to thank Patrick for, because I didn’t give it a chance at first, as I hated the title alone, but it IS pretty funny–we noticed how handsome Ian Gomez was in that gorgeous black suit.  He showed up all “Kaiser Soze-ish” with a limp that mysteriously disappeared to Jules’ (Courteney Cox) birthday looking every bit the Leading Man-Type.  Dude looked sek-saaay.  He’s also one of the funniest characters on the show, and that goes a long way, too–but daaaaayum.  He cute, y’all.

Ian Gomez looking hotter than a MOFO on "Cougar Town"

My POINT IS:  Tom Ford?  Get that stick, or whatever it is, outta your ass and treat everyone with respect and stop being such a bitch.  I like you a little bit less today, you Hot Dumbass.  Get it together.

Hey, isn’t THIS bullying???  I betcha Anderson Cooper won’t do “piece” on this sitch, even though he’s now the go-to dude for bullying stories.  Hmmph.  Who’s gonna stand up for the chubby billionaires who want nice clothing?

Ain’t that some shit?

Paltrow to sing Cee Lo Green’s “F*uck You” on “Glee”…ohdearlord.

Guess which two words I'D like to say to this snip?

I’m losing my grip with Glee already, mainly because of Lea Michele (aka I Loathe Lea Michele).  Sniff sniff.  I smell lighter fluid.  Oh.  That’s just my hair catching fire again.

Effing PALTROW (aka I Loathe Paltrow) will be making an appearance on Glee and will be “performing” [HOARK HOARK] Cee Lo Green’s single, F*ck You, because you know, this bitch is KNOWN for her sense of humor and singing abilities.  If one of you tries to throw her new cuntry (misspelled, and I don’t care) film where she sings or worse yet, that Huey Lewis fiasco from days of yore, I’ll block your ass.  So don’t EVEN.  Some things are NON-NEGOTIABLE up on this blog, and defending Paltrow is one of them.  Actually, it’s number-bloody-ONE.

I never saw this crap movie with Huey Lewis, but is Paltrow supposed to be his DAUGHTER?  Because this song is ALL KINDS OF CREEPY then.

Hey. Paltrow!

Ain’t that some shit.