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Those ‘GLEE’ Kids (Especially Lea Michele) Ruin a Completely Perfect David Bowie Song for Fashion’s Night Out



Hey guess what?  I do believe that whiny, cry-singing snip Lea Michele may have just squeaked by Paltrow in my own little “I Loathe That Bitch” competition.

Jaaayzus.   Now they’re on sacred ground.  DAVID BOWIE?  Honestly. Oh, I know it’s for Fashion’s Night Out, which is really just a nice way of saying “SPEND YOUR MONEY ON EXPENSIVE CLOTHING, but we’ll donate 40% of the proceeds from these t-shirts to the NYC AIDS Foundation!”.   Whatever, Anna Wintour.

via FashionsNightOut.com:

Q: What is Fashion’s Night Out?

A: Fashion’s Night Out is an unprecedented global initiative created in 2009 in a partnership between American Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company, and the City of New York to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy, and put the fun back in shopping.

Q: What are the hours of FNO?

A: The official hours are 6 — 11 P.M. on September 8, 2011. Some FNO participants will be hosting events earlier in the day, so be sure to check with your favorite brands to find out what their big plans are.

Q: Is Fashion’s Night Out only happening in NYC?

A: No! Fashion’s Night Out is a global event. Cities all over the U.S. are invited to participate in Fashion’s Night Out.

Q: Is there an official FNO merchandise collection again this year?

A: Yes! Back by popular demand is the official Fashion’s Night Out merchandise collection featuring some fabulous new pieces. To view the collection, click here.

Oh, and I’m calling “Half-Assery” on the measly contribution to the NYC AIDS Foundation.  A lousy 40% of the proceeds from FASHION’S NIGHT OUT MERCHANDISE, does not a true charity-event make.

Here.  Watch for your GOTdamn selves.

Where’s my assistant with the fire extinguisher for my hair? I just can’t with this. At. All.

Can we just please watch the REAL THING now??


I encourage all of you to actively help out the AIDS charities in your own communities.  Educate yourselves, help others.  You don’t need to SHOP for designer clothing to help folks in need.  The Seattle AIDS Alliance is a perfect example of advocacy and empowerment.

Wow.  Tangent, much?  Alla y’all oughta be used to it by now. Oh, and sorry for all the rage about Lea Michele. (Not really.)

Lady Gaga on Good Morning America for MAC Viva Glam [Full Video]

Lady Gaga - Outside the ABC Studios in Times Square, NYC

Lady Gaga was up at the crack this morning chatting with Robin on Good Morning America her participation with MAC Cosmetics and their wonderful AIDS Fund.  Gaga was humble, charming, sweet and endearing.

Bloody fantastic. This is no “act” on Gaga’s part. I appreciate her involvement in the LGBT community in each and every city she performs in, by donating part of the proceeds of her shows. Lady Gaga’s participation in the MAC AIDS Fund doesn’t appear self-serving or “all about HER”.

I refuse to jump on the train to “Gaga Backlash Town”.  No.  And HELL, no.