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Amanda Bynes Gets Her BMW Impounded by LAPD

“What? I’m FINE.”

Photo: TMZ

Amanda Bynes had her black BMW impounded early Sunday morning after being pulled over. Police issued a misdemeanor ticket when they ran her license and realized that it was suspended.¬† Really, LAPD? You needed to run her license to learn this bit of information? I fail to believe that they didn’t literally mumble “Not this bitch again,” while pulling her over.

And can we talk about how complacent and lucid Amanda looks in the photo snapped by TMZ? She doesn’t look at all confused as to what is happening. She doesn’t look embarrassed or guilty. She doesn’t look awkward or crazy or on drugs. However, she does¬†look like she’s thinking about going home to add this ticket to her collection, and then hopping into her Range Rover for another pointless drive.