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‘The Voice’ Recap, Night 6 Of Blind Auditions


The four coaches had to fight extra hard for some of the standout singers that auditioned on Monday night’s episode of ‘The Voice.’  They didn’t come to blows, but wouldn’t it have been nice to see Adam and Blake duke it out, shirtless and…I’m getting ahead of myself here.  Shelton, who has been trailing his fellow coaches in team members, scored some great talent and Cee Lo helped one young guy out in the Soul department.

Team Christina


Christina is still being a little picky about pushing her button, and I can understand why. She has a clear vision for her team, which she explained is very “pop driven.” Dez Duron made his second appearance on the show, doing much better this time around. Sometimes a song choice can sink an audition and I think that’s what did Dez in during his blind audition last season with a Backstreet Boys tune. It was just all wrong, but he made an excellent choice with “Sara Smile” by Hall & Oates. Blake and Xtina turn first and instantly recognize him. Aguilera missed her chance to have him on her team last season and wasn’t going to let him slip through her fingers this time. Even though he turned Shelton on a bit, he goes with Xtina and I think he’ll do well under her guidance.

Christina also added Jordan Pruitt to her team. It seems everyone on my timeline remembered her her short lived Disney career but me. She once toured with The Cheetah Girls, them I do remember, and was linked to Nick Jonas at one point, so this poor girl has been though a lot, okay! She auditions with Katy Perry‘s “The One That Got Away” and rocks her performance. Xtina was the only that was interested, but the other coaches noted how good she sounded. Maybe they didn’t remember her either.

Team Cee Lo

Cee Lo got certainly the hottest contestant to audition, Diego Val. The 25-year old Peruvian from Miami was almost crippled by a disease when he was younger, so he now spends his time singing to sick kids in hospitals. Cute and giving, too good to be true, right? I enjoyed his half Spanish, half English acoustic version of Neon Tree‘s “Animal” and so did Cee Lo. Although none of the other coaches turned for him, there is a new rule this season that allows them to snatch Diego from Cee during the Battle Rounds. I can’t wait to see them go head-to-head for him.

He also got New Orleans native Alexis Marceaux who sang Fleetwood Mac‘s Go Your Own Way.” I thought she sounded shaky during some parts, and you could barely hear her at the beginning but Cee Lo said he turned for her because he thought her voice was “impeccable.” Me and the other coaches didn’t agree, but Alexis was more than happy to have Cee Lo as her coach.

Team Adam

Adam scored the first performer of the night, Michelle Brooks-Thompson. The 28-year old mom from Massachusetts wowed the crowd and coaches with “Proud Mary,” easily one of the best performances of the night. Cee Lo and Adam turned before the song kicked in, while Christina waited to almost the last note to hit her button. Blake called himself an “idiot” for not turning, but that meant one less coach to pick from. Cee Lo said she made the song her own, but she went with her heart and chose Adam as her coach.

Adam also got another favorite of mine, 17-year old Brandon Mahone. The Chicago native was inspired by the stars of Motown, listening to The Temptations with his grandmother. So it was only fitting that he sang their song “I Wish It Would Rain,” and sang it he did. Adam was quick to turn, followed by Cee Lo and Xtina. She loved the soul in his voice, while Adam commented that he wasn’t just imitating a soul singer, he’s the real deal. It might have been a bit obvious for him to pick Cee Lo, but with that comment I think that’s how Adam got Brandon’s vote.

Team Blake

The we had 32-year old music teacher Suzanne Choffel auditioned with another Fleetwood Mac song, “Landslide.” I didn’t think she was the best of the night, but I kind of liked her singer-songwriter vibe. Adam hit his button before Blake did, and the two argued about while Suzanne made her choice. Shelton said he  just “wanted to be the guy to get her where she needed to go.” Uh, do you drive a taxi as a second job, Blake? I don’t think it was a hard choice for Choffel to make, and it’ll be interesting to see what else she does in the competition.

Terisa Griffin let us know right off the bat that she was full of um, personality. “I’m going to let them have it. I’m going to leave it on the stage!” she said. I really wasn’t feeling her rendition of “Someone Like You,” it was all over the place for me until that bit note that seemed to shock Blake. Christina and Blake are the only two to turn, and Terisa made sure to make them work for her choice. She asked them, “What will you, as a coach, do for me?” I don’t know how this turned into a quiz but Christina had a better answer than Blake. I think she knew she was going to pick Blake, but the hug she got sealed the deal.

I always feel like the singers that don’t get turns always have more to lose. Or maybe they just drive their sob stories home like Amanda BynesLauren Brook had to overcome dyslexia as a child, but her dad built her a stage at her house to help her overcome all that. Wait, did I get that right. Her performance of Carrie Underwood‘s “Cowboy Casanova” was just okay, but the coaches couldn’t get past all of her pitch problems.

While some singers that don’t get picked cry, it was kind of funny to see one get so pissed that no one turned for him. That was the case with Jeffrey James who was just so sure that at least one coach would turn for him. I thought “A Little Less Conversation” was a bad choice for his voice, and although the coaches seemed to be enjoying it none of them pushed their buttons.

But the biggest surprise no-turn came with VJ, the too-cute music teacher. A hardcore Cee Lo stan, he auditioned with “F*** You” another one of those bad song choices I was talking about. He didn’t sound terrible, but Blake didn’t think the song matched his voice and he didn’t put enough “stank” on it for Christina. He did a consolation prize in getting to have Cee Lo come up on stage and properly sing the song.

So Team Adam now has 14 members, and two more to go. Cee Lo and Christina both have 13, and Blake has 12. Who do you think had the best audition of the night, and do you think some of the coaches made the right turns?


Mariah Carey OFFICIALLY to Judge ‘American Idol’ – Break Out the Glittery Butterflies!

Expect a lot of THIS next season on Idol...


America is going to try to swallow some real diva-behavior on a weekly basis now that Mariah Carey will be forced down out throats as ‘American Idol’s‘ newest judge.

via TMZ.com

The announcement was made moments ago at the TV Critics Association Summer Press tour in Beverly Hills.

The 42-year-old singer is rumored to have signed a deal worth $12 million for her first year …  the same amount of $$$ Jennifer Lopez made during he first year with the show.

So far, it’s still unclear if Randy Jackson will remain on board.

‘Idol’ still has one more spot to fill at the judge’s table … and there are rumors Miley Cyrus and Adam Lambert could be in the running.

Adam Lambert


Who would you like to see sitting beside Mimoo?  I think Adam Lambert could possibly be as much of a diva as Mrs. Cannon, which could be funny, right?

Is Adam Lambert Joining The Judges’ Table On ‘American Idol’?

Adam Lambert


‘American Idol’ won’t be back until next year, but it looks like producers are already looking for a replacement for Jennifer Lopez, if she decides not to return. The name at the top of the list of replacement judges seems to be former Idol contestant Adam Lambert.  He told The Hollywood Reporter, “If Idol wants to talk to me about Judging, I’d be more than flattered to have that conversation,” in response to reports from E! News that he was in serious talks to join the singing competition show.

Lambert was runner-up on season 8 of the show so he already knows how everything works and would be a great fit, not to mention the fact that he can actually sing. However, I kind of feel like they need that one female judge to play nice while Randy Jackson doles out the actual criticism and Steven Tyler forgets where he is for a minute.  Back in May, La Lopez told Ellen Degeneres on her talk show that she wasn’t sure she would be back for another season. “I don’t know if I can go for a third year. I miss doing other things.” She does have three children to take care of.  Heh.

E! also reports that other possible judges being considered range from Will.i.am and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas to Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. If Idol does go with someone like Miley, it would seen as a ploy to try to get that coveted youth viewership, like Demi Lovato on ‘X Factor.’  At least then we might not end up with another WGWG (white guy with guitar) as the winner.