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Sean Penn should go to jail. The End.

Let me just say this: Where I live, the cops would beat the crap out of you for this kind of criminal behavior, THEN ask questions–AND your ass would be in the county lock-up. For reals. Don’t even jaywalk ’round these parts.

If there is just one mofo who deserves to sit in jail for awhile, it’s The Penn.  How many times is he going to get away with this violent behavior?  Ohhhhh…he’s just a hot-headed ACK-TOR.  That’s insane.  Guess what?  The paps come with the GOTdamn territory of being in your position, dumbass, and it’s high time you recognized that fact.

via The Daily Beast:

“Sean Penn’s notorious temper caught up with him once again-the Oscar-winning actor was charged with battery and vandalism on Friday for a fight with a photographer last fall. Penn is no stranger to confrontation with paparazzi; but this time, he could face up to 18 months behind bars for kicking the photographer and damaging his equipment during an altercation, which was videotaped and later posted on TMZ. Jail time would be nothing new for the acclaimed Penn, who received a 60-day jail sentence for punching an extra on the set of a film in 1987.”

One more thing, dumbass?  You’re lucky that back in the day, your wife Madonna was so in love with you (and probably terrified) that she didn’t press charges against you when you “trussed her up like a turkey”  and (ALLEGEDLY?) abused her (as reported by People Magazine) that awful weekend.

I’m sure everyone involved–police officers, attorneys, judges, the L.A. County Clerk, forpitysake–will ALL be starstruck and just sweep Penn’s juvenile behavior under the rug.  Hey–how many strikes do celebrities get? Remember this quote made by Penn?

“I hate journalists. Or better. I hate paparazzi. Yeah, I punched them out and I’ll do it again if it’s necessary. I think a fist in their face is the only way to protect my private life. I demand my freedom. And I must have it.”

Here’s a little run-down on Mr. Penn’s criminal record:

via TheHighroad.org

In 1985, Sean Penn was arrested in Nashville for assault and battery for attacking two photographers with a rock. He plead guilty, paid a fine and was given a suspended sentence.

In 1986, Penn slugged a man he accused of trying to kiss his wife. Again he plead guilty and was placed on parole.

In 1987, while on parole for his previous conviction, he punched an extra working on his film “Colors” who tried to take a picture of him. He served half of a 60-day jail sentence for parole violation.

In 1998, Penn was accused of hitting a photographer with a rock. Penn claimed the photographer attacked the rock in Penn’s hand with his head and injured himself. No arrest was made.

Even with his criminal record, Penn was given a permit to carry a gun permit in 2003 (a 9mm Glock and a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson, to be exact, per The San Francisco Gate). Really?

Shall we make some wagers on just how little time Sean Penn will serve?