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True Blood Recap, ‘Cold Grey Light of Dawn’

Parts of Sunday night’s episode of True Blood were honestly a little boring. The episode just kind of chugged along until things got good.

Let me just get this out of the way first, I’m tired of the hate that Tara is getting. It’s bordering on just plain racist, and the justification that some True Blood stans are using for Pam attacking her and Naomi is incredibly stupid. “But look at Pam’s face!” Yeah, that wasn’t Tara’s fault and I would pissed if I was slowly turning into the Crypt Keeper, but hasn’t Tara been through enough? I hear everything from “why doesn’t Tara just leave Bon Temps?” to “ugh, I wish Pam had just killed her.” Nope, not that easily. Tara deserves her revenge for the things that have happened to her and her friends, even though it seems like those friends don’t  care much for her anymore. That’s so typical, your friend gets a new undead peen and she stops giving a shit about you.  Anyway.

So Marnie, now completely taken over by the spirit of Antonia Gavilan de Logrono, asks Tara to bring her more witches so they can overtake the vampires. Bill readies himself, Jessica and even Eric for Antonia’s necromancy by ordering that all vampires he chained down with silver so that they can’t be drawn out in the sunlight.

I skipped all of Eric and Sookie’s pillow talk, and Bill talking to Jessica about vampires keeping their “hu-mani-tee” which sucks because I usually enjoy Bill and Jessica’s interaction. She tells him that he was a better father to her than her real dad, and that she doesn’t love Hoyt as much as he loves her. That might have something to do with Jason. While he tries to keep his mind off of her, Hoyt visits him to make sure he’s okay. Wait a minute, someone actually giving a crap about something that happened to someone else on this show? Well, I never!

As the witches start the chant, Antonia creates a wind that draws the vamps to the sun, including one of Maxine’s neighbors. As Jessica breaks out of her chains, and kills one of the security guards to get out, she finally reaches the door and sees the sunlight. While checking up on Sookie, she tells him about what the witches are doing and he rushes over to Bill’s mansion. Will he save Jessica in time? Do I still care?

Sam finds out from an angry Luna that his brother skinwalked and took his form. I think Sam should have just put Tommy out of his misery and killed him, but he once again just tells him to go away. Because that worked the last time. Eric and Sookie aren’t the only ones getting sexy screen time. Alcide and Debbie join Marcus’ new pack, and after they see the other lovebirds still getting it on in the woods, they have go off and have their own fun. I would like to see the werewolves be a bigger presence this season.

Crazy Debbie was pretty fun, and although she tries to ignore how much Alcide cares about Sookie, you can tell she’s bitter. At Merlotte’s, Holly has a date with Andy, and while cooking Lafayette sees the spirit that’s been haunting baby Mikey. Her singing wasn’t creepy at all.

One of the few other highlights was Pam seeing some sort of vampire plastic surgeon. I can admit that Pam’s coffin is pretty, and Ginger trying to keep it closed while the witches were chanting was kind of funny, but I find Pam to be  “a non-motherf***in factor” at this point. Sorry, I had to.  Needless to say, I’m Team Witches.