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Anderson Cooper Hates Chris Brown. The End.

Does Chris Brown even KNOW who he's dealing with? Idiot.

Prince SilverFox Andy Cooper is not having it.  Not. One. Bit.  And what’s that?  It would be the fact that the a-hole known as Chris Brown is starring in a “romantic comedy”.  I put that term in quotes due to the fact that it’s based on a lame misogynistic book written by Steve Harvey, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.  Remember him?  The “comedian” who wrote about how to catch a man (I guess?) then cheated on his wife of 16 years…but I digress.  Let’s get back to Anderson, shall we?

via AC360:

“Ladies and gentlemen, particularly ladies, Chris Brown has been cast in a movie. And not just any movie, it’s a romantic comedy based on a self-help book about relationships,” Cooper said recently on his nightly show, “Anderson Cooper 360.” “And I, for one, cannot imagine why this did not happen sooner because if there’s one thing you can say about Chris Brown, who’s currently on probation for viciously assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna, he just oozes romance.”

Cooper went on to point out one of Brown’s early online apologies to Rihanna and fans as another point of conflict.

“Check out this love poem he posted on YouTube five months after he repeatedly punched her in the face and threatened to kill her while her mouth was filled with blood … ,” Cooper said.

Chris Brown felt the need to post THIS on Twitter:

Awww....isn't he sweet? (Gag.)
Yeah. Much love, indeed.

Piers Morgan Interviews Anderson Cooper on CNN — Appears Smug While Doing So.

Ugh. I think I'm getting a pain in my left eye...Piers Morgan the Smug.

Usually, when one is just starting out with a new job, one doesn’t begin by publicly looking down one’s nose at one’s colleague.

Someone, I don’t care who, needs to inform that smug prig, Piers Morgan, of this courtesy.   Who the F*CK does he think he is — coming to America and talking down to our Crown Prince Andy of the Silver Fox Club?  Awww, HELL naaah.

I don’t like this a-hole’s tone.  At. All. (And clearly, I’ve been stripped on all good manners just watching this snip.)

Piers Morgan has a LOT of nerve…and not in a good way. We are all going to wish Larry King didn’t retire, even though he rarely knew who he was interviewing on any given night.

One more thing, Piers Morgan looks as though he has a butthole as a mouth.  Yeah, I said it.

Song of the Day: “Four Letter Word” by Beady Eye

Oh, Liam. Such a butthole.

Talk about a guilty pleasure. Liam Gallagher is the man I love and loathe and laugh at because he’s SUCH a fighty-dog wiff his bruv, Noel, who were the main forces behind Oasis.  Liam’s current band is called Beady Eye…and I’m diggin’ it, man.  But basically, it’s Oasis Sans Noel.  (Thank you, Stephen, for that one…)

via indiebritpop:

“Beady Eye are an English rock band that formed in 2009. Following the departure of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Noel Gallagher from Oasis, the rest of the members decided to end the band and form a new one in its place, retaining vocalist Liam Gallagher, guitarist Gem Archer, bassist Andy Bell (who switched to the role of guitarist) and drummer Chris Sharrock. Matt Jones and Jeff Wootton will also join Beady Eye as live keyboardist and bassist respectively.”

The lyrics are pretty brutal, especially if you buy into the idea that Liam wrote it about Noel.  Still, I’m a sucker for Liam’s Lennon-esque ways.   Beady Eye’s new album, ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding‘ will be released on February 28,  2011–and Liam (always the shy one, heh)  is confident that his new project will “blow people’s heads off.”

Go sit on the Naughty Step, Liam. You butthole.

Okay, then.  What do you think of Four Letter Word?