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Amy Adams to Star, Lee Daniels to Direct Janis Joplin Biopic

Amy Adams to portray Janis Joplin in biopic


Lee Daniels and Amy Adams are the latest two names attached to the Janis Joplin biopic, Get It While You Can.

The project has bounced around Hollywood like a ping pong ball, with everyone from Renee Zellweger to Pink lined up to play the iconic singer. Born in Port Arthur Texas, Joplin packed a lot of living in her 27 years, before dying of a drug over dose in 1970.

“Precious” Director, Lee Daniels will helm the Janis Joplin biopic


Daniels, who directed Precious and is currently working on The Butler, would be the third director connected to the film.

No word on a potential make up artist. But my bet is on whoever transformed Charlize Theron for her successful get downplay the pretty, and get an Oscar campaign.