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Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White Arrested – Mugshot

Yikes, Shaun.

Photo: NYPost

Seeing Olympians in the news during non-Olympic cycles is not always a good thing and Shaun White’s mugshot is proof of that. Last spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli at the London Games this past summer, the snow boarder apparently went buck wild at a The Lowe’s Vanderbilt in Nashville. The NY Daily News reports that the 2 time gold  medal winner, known as The Flying Tomato for his long red hair, was charged with public intoxication after destroying some property and attempting to attack a guest who tried to intervene.

I guess even working with Bob Costas briefly would the most mellow person to drink.


Why is it acceptable to crap on Olympian Johnny Weir? Because he’s gay?

Johnny Wier, Tremendousness on Ice

I’m pissed. What the GOTdamn hell is going on? It’s 2010, but yet an openly gay skater is publicly humiliated, called a “bad example” and clearly given low scores due to his sexuality. Any you know what? Johnny Weir has handled this entire situation with complete grace. I’d be furious and start throwing my skates at everyone’s head.  That’s a damn FACT.

via EW.com

“Claude Mailhot of the French-language RDS network began by saying, “This may not be politically correct, but do you think he lost points due to his costume and his body language?” Alain Goldberg responded saying Weir’s femininity may reflect poorly on other male figure skaters.”They’ll think all the boys who skate will end up like him. It sets a bad example.” Goldberg is also quoted as saying, “We should make him [Weir] pass a gender test at this point,” and Mailhot then joking that Weir should compete in the women’s competition. The two broadcasters later issued an on-air apology.”

Clearly, Johnny has been dealing with homophobic attacks for years, given his poise during this press conference. His long, free-skate was tremendous…but his scores were obviously based on the negative mindset of the Olympic judges as well as the blatant discriminatory and ugly remarks by television “journalists”. Imagine if these people were spewing these ugly words toward the Korean skater, Kim Yu-Na. Would that be acceptable?  I think not…and I don’t see any difference.

Johnny Weir was robbed of decent scores and publicly abused.

Cannot WAIT for Johnny Weir to skate at the 2010 Olympics, but he won’t be wearing fur.

I'm speechless. Yikes.

Oh, Johnny Wier! I’ll refrain from calling him Johnny (K)Weir…for today.

I LOOOOOVE Johnny Wier.  He’s flamboyant, outspoken, and just plain awesome. AND he loves to wear fur.  The Peta folks aren’t loving that so much, so with all of the hate-mail and death-threats (really?) he’s bunking with his best girlfriend.

via SeattleTimesOnline.com

“…Weir is unconventional. Not in some crazy Dennis Rodman way, but in a this-is-how-I-live-my-life-deal-with-it kind of way. In keeping with his unconventionality, Weir is rooming with female ice dancer Tanith Belbin. I always thought that was against the rules. Belbin skates with pairs partner Ben Agosto.

“But I want to be remembered as somebody who pushed the boundaries of my sport. I want people to remember that I was a great talent on the ice and that I did everything a little bit different than everybody else. But at the same time, I want people to remember that I was able to speak my mind. I was able to voice my opinions about things and had no problems with that. In my own way, I’ve brought a lot of people into figure skating. Maybe it’s not the way that my federation or most mainstream people would want it to be, but that’s how I’ve done it. And I hope that more young athletes, not just figure skaters, but especially figure skaters, will be able to be themselves, or say what they want and never be afraid of anything, or anyone. I hope that’s my mark.”

I didn’t even think it was allowable to stay with a girl,” he said.”After our national championships, I just assumed there were a few of us who had very specific needs when it came to rooming. I know what can happen in the Village. I know you can get crammed into a sardine room with 10 other people. Tanith and I just seemed like a good match because we’re old friends. We know each other very well. It’s beautiful. I don’t really get along with that many people on the team. I don’t know many people on the team well enough to live with them and Tanith was definitely No. 1 for me. It worked out perfect for both of us.”

“I got here before she did and I organized all the bags in a closet, because I didn’t want her to be overwhelmed when she got there,” Weir said. “All of her Olympic gear arrived in three gigantic boxes and I organized all of that, set it all up. I’m a good nest builder. I made sure the room was clean. I put stuff away. I made sure it smelled very nice. I brought Windex. I brought Pledge. And I brought Pledge Wipes, just in case. I get no money from Pledge, but I just love their multi-pupose wipees because you can clean your computer and your bath tub with the same wipee.”

Weir has changed his costume plans for the game. He’s skating fur free, he said not because he was pressured into it, but because he hates faux fur.

“This costume controversy was silly,” he said. “It didn’t change my opinion about anything. It didn’t change my life. It just added something else for people to talk about while I was in the rink, training hard for the Olympics.”

In these final months of his competitive career, Weir has become more conscious of his legacy.

“There’s a lot of talk about things overshadowing my skating,” he said. “And I’m fine with that. But I don’t feel that anything overpowers my skating. My main goal is to skate well and compete well. And that’s something that’s often not talked about because there are so many other crazy things that I do and say that can be talked about instead, especially when I don’t skate well.”

I wonder if Peta is up-in-arms about any of the girl skaters, perhaps wearing feathers, a` la Swan Lake?  Hmmmph