Summer’s Eve – ‘Hail to the V’ Commerical (Extended Cut)

Hail to the V!

It’s the cradle of life; it’s the center of Civilization…” — wow.  I feel super-powerful all of a sudden.  All this time I thought peens ruled the world.  The fine folks at Summer’s Eve (via The Richards Group USA Advertising Agency) are giving women (and their vaginas!) credit where credit is due.  I guess?

On the other  hand, it could just be a satirical ad campaign much like the Old Spice commercials–only less funny and without a horse. Oh wait. There were horses.

"Fellas, let's discuss the Power of V. Joan? Get me a stiff drink."

If only I could have been a fly on the wall during that presentation.  Preferably by Don Draper. If anyone knows the Power of V

Thoughts?  Is this commercial sexist, racist, funny, cringe-y?

And what about the TV series, V?  (And yes. I’m going to BOLD every upper-case V from now on.

15 Responses to Summer’s Eve – ‘Hail to the V’ Commerical (Extended Cut)

  1. It’s not just racism that’s an issue. It’s sexism, plain and simple. I understand what they thought they were doing, but come on. How can you be that stupid?

    The recent ‘Hail to the V’ commercials send a message that the only reason men like women is for sex. To be honest, maybe a lot of men are like that, but a lot of men are also NOT like that, and I seriously doubt most women actually WANT that message sent, the idea that that’s all we’re good for.

    These commercials make me extremely angry, they are sexist to BOTH genders, and I sincerely hope at least some people agree with this opinion, because otherwise I wonder how many others are perpetuating this disgusting idea.

    • Get over it. It is the only real power in the universe. Quit trying to give that power a bad name. Your mother realized that power or you wouldn`t be here being angry now. Men and women are different get use to it!!!!

  2. I agree with the previous posters. Presenting the information that men have fought wars etc over women because of their vagina??? I am so beyond disgusted it isn’t funny. I wasn’t a fan of Summer’s Eve products BEFORE they made that ignorant, disgusting commercial and am even less so now. Done, just done. I won’t even look in their direction in the future. Wrong message, wrong presentation, just WRONG.

  3. I had to rewind to make sure I heard the whole commercial correctly. Are you
    kidding me? It is tasteless and offensive. I cannot believe they think it is something
    to be proud of.