Song Of The Day – Paolo Nutini ‘Let Me Down Easy’

Paolo Nutini - Dipped In Cream's Boo
Paolo Nutini – Dipped In Cream’s Boo

Oh, Babydoll. This song right here, y’all. I’ll let you listen and watch one of DiC’s many Boos, Paolo Nutini.

Right? Whooooboy. This song makes me wanna put on my pointy heels, a tight dress and sing back-up for Paolo.  Now 27, Paolo is growing into his raspy and sexy voice. And daaayum if he ain’t even prettier. (I think I’ll apply to write for Tiger Beat Magazine next week.)  I hear a Marvin Gaye influence…in a GOOD way; not a Robin Thicke stealer-way.

I’m making a road trip set-list for our annual trip to our other home in Sun Valley, Idaho. It’s gonna be a great ride with my Silver Fox and our pups, Mick and James.

Do you love this new sound of Paolo’s?

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