Song Of The Day – ‘I’m Your Man’ By WHAM!


Why?“, you ask? Because I’m Your Man’ by WHAM! is awesome and hilarious, that’s why.

Don’t even lie. You shout “BABY OUR FRIENDS DO NOT NEED TO KNOW!” right along with George.

Oh, the 80s. Now DANCE, bitches.

2 Responses to Song Of The Day – ‘I’m Your Man’ By WHAM!

  1. “I don’t need you to care… I don’t need you to understaaaaand…”

    Experiencing this live, with tens of thousands of women happily shrieking every word, is a very special thing.
    Viva George, Viva pop music, viva paens to delicious bootiliciousness.
    And… Viva Julia, for posting this. x

    (Also, George & Andrew are so gorgeous here.)

    • No so much “Viva Julia” for posting this…although I do thank you. It’s a family joke that Alex and one of his friends you to make be belly-laugh with their dancing/miming when they were in high school with this song. <3 xoxo j