Seattle is STILL “Heroin Central”; Widespread Addiction in Seattle Suburban High Schools; Super-Pure Heroin Kills 7 in 5 Days

The wolf in sheep's clothing...(Photo: jaBrink)
This person is dead now.

It’s back with a vengeance. I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone back in the 90’s–the writer referred to Seattle as “Heroin Central”.   It’s not a claim to fame to be proud of, that’s for sure.

Heroin has reared its ugly head again like the monster we all know it to be…and it’s here in Seattle.  Again.  And in a big, cheap, deadly way.


[High school student] Hannah Muir knows.

It’s the greatest thing on this planet. There’s nothing like it,” said Muir, a recovering heroin addict who has been clean for 110 days. “It’s easier than finding someone to buy you alcohol. It’s easier than finding weed. It’s easier than finding someone to buy you a pack of cigarettes.

Good Lord. Reading those words turns my stomach.  I’ve personally known a heroin addict, whom upon completing rehab still spoke about heroin as a lover for whom they still desired.  I hope none of you ever experience the shit storm that heroin brings into family’s lives.  There’s really only one thing that could be worse, and that would be the horrific and senseless death of the heroin addict.

This guy is dead, too. He was someone's son; brother; best friend.

Here’s the thing:   The heroin that’s being sold and used today is not the heroin we used to hear about when rock stars and actors overdosed and died.  It’s not the heroin junkies used on the streets in the inner city back in the day, either, which was maybe 5% pure, as it was cut with “fillers”, such as baby laxatives or powdered milk and even animal feces.  Today’s heroin is up to 90% pure Mexican black tar, named for its dark, gooey consistency.  Add to the equation that it’s easier to obtain heroin than weed…and it’s also much more affordable.  I hear-tell one can obtain a gram of heroin for around $30 bucks.  Jesus.


I hate to sound fatalistic, but you can be the best or worst parent in the world, but kids are still going to experiment. Heroin seems to have a “romanticism” about it–“Oh, hi, Kurt! Hey, Jimi–where’s Layne Staley and Andrew Wood, all of the Seattle musicians who OD’d on heroin? Oh, talking to Chris Farley, Mitch Hedberg and John Belushi? Hey, there’s DeeDee Ramone, Pete Farndon (The Pretenders), Billie Holiday, River Phoenix and 80’s painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat!” Yeah. Super-awesome.  They’re all DEAD from heroin overdoses (along with a gunshot to the mouth for one Seattle musician, huh?).

Sorry, y’all, but  heroin isn’t a rite of passage.  It isn’t something “artists” are required to add to their own dark resume`.  It’s a death sentence, plain and simple.  You will end up alone, isolated, ostracized from your family and probably found bloated and dead with a needle in your arm. And now? Now we have SUPER-PURE HEROIN.

via Seattle Times:

The Cowlitz County, Wash., coroner says super-pure heroin is blamed for the deaths of seven people in the county in five days.

Coroner Tim Davidson told the Daily News on Wednesday ( that, in his words, “They’re dying with the syringe still in their hands.”

The victims include a man who died in a grocery store restroom and a man who died last Friday in Kelso but whose body was found Tuesday night along a creek.

Deputy Coroner Brett Dundas says medical examiners in Vancouver and Portland are also talking about the extremely pure heroin, sometimes called “hot heroin.”

Dundas says people who take the drug go into immediate respiratory failure.

This is heartbreaking, and sadly, I don’t see things getting better.

13 Responses to Seattle is STILL “Heroin Central”; Widespread Addiction in Seattle Suburban High Schools; Super-Pure Heroin Kills 7 in 5 Days

  1. apparently the cost of weed in seattle is much much higher the cost of weed up north…30 dollars a gram!?

    • Brad—the HEROIN is $30 a gram…at least that’s what I’ve heard. HORRIBLE. That, combined with free needle exchanges, it’s like they have permission.

  2. That 90% pure is still 10% dirty and that dirt is pretty damn dangerous. As for that roll call, like you say, Horse isn’t the only thing those guys have in common.

    • Carter…crazy talented and deeply depressed? I’m sure other drugs and ALCOHOL–the “legal” drug is on that list. My main point is that heroin is being used by younger and younger people…and seemingly just for fun. It’s not all that fun, they are finding out.

  3. Oh I wasn’t disagreeing, I meant that they’re all taking dirt naps because of Heroin. But yes, it’s made out to be glamorous but I’m buggered if I know why.

  4. In Seattle, heroin can be purchased for as little as $20-25 a gram (black-tar/Mexican/lower-grade) on up to $80-100 a gram for what’s called “gun-powder” and is usually much stronger & harder to find. I’ve seen an ounce go for as low as $275 (again, low grade heroin).

    Needle exchanges are there as a harm reduction measure. You can’t just walk in and ask for needles, you need to bring in old ones in order to get new ones. All evidence/studies have shown that cities with a good needle exchange program reduces the spread of HIV and Hep C, etc. Not to mention the damage that re-using needles does to your veins, plus the possibilities of infections such as endocarditis, etc. Needle exchanges also provide information and assistance for people seeking medical help that they would otherwise ignore. One Seattle needle exchange gives out a limited amount of vouchers to addicts, allowing them to receive free methadone treatment – thus helping an addict who wants to stop using, but is unable to afford methadone treatment.

    • Dear Former Addict: Thank you for your in-depth info on Needle Exchanges here in Seattle. I do indeed agree with the safety issues and harm reduction with the opportunity for addicts to get clean needles. I think because I still have a bit of a raw nerve on this subject, I didn’t give these programs the credit they deserve. This entire subject breaks my heart and is very personal.

      I truly appreciate your words and educational information on this very painful subject.

      Bless you…. Julia

  5. Ok so FYI this “super-pure” heroin is EXTREMELY hard to come by in Seattle. Yes, H there is about $30/gram, but it’s garbage, compared to what u get elsewhere. If You live in Seattle and want decent H, you go to Portlnd for tar or Vancouver for China White. As a former H peddler in Seattle (2 years clean now thanks to NA/AA and a bad ass sponsor!!!!) I know a litle about the biz. The Mexican “groups” tha run the show here are well aware of the negative publicity wrought by pure heroin od’s so they won’t bring it here any more. Dope is a zero-sum game so they make way more money by selling cut-to-hell H to lifelong addicts than they do selling ultrapure dope and killing everyone off. Wanna see the math? A “high-functioning” addict will spend $30/day and maybe $100 for the wekend to stay “well”. This equals $250/wk=$1000 month= $12000 per year for their dealer. If one dealer only deals with 8 daily addicts this equals $96000 a year (gross) income which equals about $40000-$50000/year PROFIT if he is wise and disciplined. Why risk this by selling high grade H? The Latino gang bangers in the PNW are SMART. Keep the deaths low. keep the costs low. Keep availability high. ANd keep the money rolling!

    • Man. I’d love to post this info, but it’s practically a how-to more than the life suckage known as H. Ahh, what the hell.

      I’m REALLY happy you’re clean…and for TWO YEARS! Yes, you DO know a lot about the biz…more than I do. But. My son is trying to quit H. He’s been using 5 years; and has been to rehab 5 times. Did I mention he’s 22? He’s weaning himself off with suboxone. I know. Some people think it’s just as bad. But he’s able to keep a good job and not look like a skinny junkie anymore. He’s a singer/songwriter, as well–and I WISH TO GOD he hadn’t become such a 90’s cliche`, you know? I’ve been angry, hurt, paralyzed with fear, planned his funeral after identifying his body at the morgue…but now, all I can do is love him.

      Let me know anything else you think I SHOULD know, as a MOTHER…I feel like I already know too much.

      All our best…xoxo Julia and Brittani, Dipped in Cream