Scandal Recap, ‘YOLO’


Thursday night’s ‘Scandal’ was disturbingly good, in many ways. I can forgive the last couple of so-so episodes because it all led to this. Olivia tries to make sense of her mother not being dead anymore. Sally is desperate to be President, but she’s going to have to sacrifice a lot. And speaking of sacrifice, Cyrus finally gets back everything he’s been putting out, times two.


In order for Sally to be marketable to the public, and more importantly women, she’s going to have to suddenly become pro-choice. I don’t see this being an easy with all the bible quoting and proselytizing she does. So she reluctantly agrees and let’s Fitz know that she’s coming for his seat. There’s still the issue of her closeted husband Daniel, who was set up to have sex with James during their interview. James has been sticking the affair in Cyrus face, and after they both tire of passive aggressively dealing with it, they crack and argue with James threatening a divorce. Cyrus goes to Sally with the incriminating photos of James and Daniel in hopes that she’ll cancel her plans to run for office. She did say herself that Daniel had been having “fun” since they moved to Washington, but clearly it hurt her a little to actually see him with someone else. After apologizing to James, and recovering from being told off by Fitz, her gets a phone call from Sally in the middle of the night telling him that she had committed a sin, while standing over Daniel’s bloodied body. You’ve committed more than a sin, Sally, you committed murder!

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Back in Gladiator land, the crew helps Olivia cope with her mother being back in her life and try to help Maya get out of the Country before Rowan and his B613 goons can get to her. Slowly she starts to remember moments from the last day that she spoke with her mother, a phone call to a reporter in London, and later another call that she thought was a wrong number. She, without really asking, gets Fitz to help her leave the country and he gets her a military flight to Hong Kong. On the runway Olivia remembers that Rowan had her mom listed under a different name that Huck confirms was Marie Wallace. In that moment, Olivia realizes that her mom really was a terrorist and that her dad has been trying to protect her all these years. Though he had a funny, and deadly, way of doing it. So Olivia and Co successfully helped her mother, a terrorist, get out of the country with a new passport, with the help of the President! As Huck tells Olivia, they have a lot of problems now.

Huck tried to solve what he thought the problem was by himself. Torturing Quinn, who he duct tapped naked to the floor, into giving up information about the stolen security footage. He pulls out a couple of her teeth, but she’s mostly left alone while he helps the team with Maya. Jake and his team are almost blown to bits by a trap set up by Rowan, so even though he’s been enjoying torturing her a bit too much, Huck needs Quinn. He uses her relationship with Charlie to help them get to command. He comes to Quinn’s rescue, tells her to man up, and then dicks her down because that’s how it goes on this crazy ass show. He takes her to Rowan where she demands to have all evidence of her murder in exchange for Maya’s return. Rowan accepts, but Quinn has something up her sleeve, and it’s the same thing that killed the security guard.

Ok, so Rowan might not be the most evil man in the world, but he’s still a goon. I don’t know if Quinn can be a successful double agent without all her teeth. This episode lacked Olivia, and maybe this is the way the show is going to work around Kerry’s pregnancy. I think we can expect to see more scenes and bigger storylines from the other characters. Which means we might finally get Harrison’s backstory, and find out who that cute girl he was flirting with is because clearly something was going on between them, Abby noticed it! The winter finale is next week and it promises to be explosive, let’s hope they deliver!

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