Scandal Recap, ‘We Do Not Touch The First Ladies’




As enjoyable as ‘Scandal‘ is, it’s also kind of exhausting to watch. In the first couple of minutes alone, we learned that Olivia is “dating” Jake publicly, Abby loves David and Jake might be in over his head as head of B613. Then there is all that messy spy and suicide stuff, but it all led up to another one of ‘Scandal‘s trademark WTF moments.

I think Shonda Rhimes has gone from being an Olitz lover to using the couple to flat out torture us viewers. They argue about Liv using Jake as a political beard basically, but Olivia isn’t doing this for Fitz. She doesn’t want to be a “public whore,” and simply wants to be able to walk down the street without being whispered at. There are more pressing matters however, like the rumors that his running mate Andrew Nichols was a bit of a druggie back in the day. Flashback to 14 years ago when Mellie was sexually assaulted by her FIL and can’t even stand to be around Fitz. One night he finds her almost dead on the floor after having taken some pills. Wanting an explanation after he saved her life and didn’t call an ambulance, she tells him that she isn’t even sure her baby is Fitz’s and frankly that has made her suicidal. After Olivia handles the situation, she confronts Mellie about Andrew covering for her overdose, but Mellie lets her know that they aren’t the same type of bitch. Even when she had the chance to cheat, she didn’t, but she does kiss Andrew as they admire the portraits of past First Ladies. Mellie is a hard character to like, hell all of them are, but she is easy to sympathize with. I think her having an affair with Andrew is just a bit too convenient, even if she might deserve it.



Sally’s campaign managers gets Hollis Doyle to be her big whale, but only if she can get him a cushy job like Secretary of Energy. Throughout their conversation Sally has flashes of Daniel, or it might have been the devil trying to enter her body again. Does no one else think it’s weird that she’s still using the office she killed her husband in? Meanwhile, Rowan is trying to bring down Fitz on his own and can’t be bargained out of doing it by his own daughter. Quinn spies on them during their dinner but somehow didn’t notice Olivia walking out of the restaurant and right up to the car. Quinn wants to be badass, but can’t be bothered to turn her head 30 degrees to the left. Olivia pleads with her to come home, back to OP & Associates, but she can’t face Huck again. Not after he licked her face, but she seemed totally fine with the fact that he pulled out her tooth. Her and Charlie have been hacking into Rowan’s financials, a skill that could make her a great B613 agent. Seeing as how her old friends Huck and Abby got the best of her boyfriend, she might do better as a Gladiator.

James is desperately trying to keep his secret identity hidden from his husband, who is trying to have him, or Publius, killed. The journalist that he has been feeding information to, Vanessa Chandler, wants to speak to the President and could spill the tea that Daniel Langston never had an autopsy. Cryus has Charlie on the case, and just as he’s about to rub out David, luckily he was “kidnapped” by Huck and Abby. That’s real love, kids. As for Harrison, he’s in too deep with Adnan, and we FINALLY get more of his backstory. He was involved with insider trading, but Adnan hints that there is more to him that even Olivia doesn’t know about. She gives him some money to donate to Fitz’s campaign so that she can buy a plate to a fundraiser dinner. There, Adnan thanks Cyrus for helping her to get back into the country. Cyrus seemed to be scared, maybe because he has met someone more evil than he is. He should be scared as it is revealed that Adnan is in cahoots with Maya Pope.




Oh God, this show. Another big revelation is that Tom, one of the President’s Secret Service men, and the one we see around him the most, is the mole inside the WH for B613. Jake had met him plenty of times and had no idea. He gives him a recording of Fitz asking Olivia if she cared about him, but she doesn’t answer. Next week promises that the last 30 seconds will be mind blowing. Which means someone will die, or almost die, but whatever happens it will good!

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