Scandal Recap, ‘Vermont Is For Lover’s, Too’ – In Case You Missed It!


Photos: ABC/Scandal

If you’ve felt like ‘Scandal’ hadn’t been bringing the crazy lately, then this episode was for you. Directed by the lovely and talented Ava DuVernay, ‘Vermont Is For Lover’s, Too’ was chock-full of sex, deceit and more sex. While we said goodbye to one character, for now maybe, we got to know Mama Pope a little better and why smashing phones doesn’t get rid of a person.

Rowan/Eli/Head Goon In Charge has been keeping his wife Maya locked up in some random prison, readying her to be shipped off to God knows where. All she asks is that she be able to see their daughter, but he won’t make that happen. So what’s her solution? Chewing on her own arm to get sent to a hospital. The plan sort of works, she’s still locked up and in the care of some creepy doctor, but Rowan does bring her news clippings of Olivia. Which begged the question, where were the real pictures of Olivia? As Maya tells it, she really knew Olivia, as Rowan only made sure that she was “taken care of” but not really loved. Rowan orders the doc to make sure that Maya is drugged for her plane ride, but he comes back to find her room empty. Mama Pope is going to see her daughter come hell or high water, and as we know that hell and high water is Rowan. She surprises Olivia in the front of her building, but was Olivia happy or scared to see her mother?


While her dad, and damn near everyone else, knows that she’s been creeping around with the Prez, I don’t think this is something she wants to bring up to dear, old mom. When Fitz calls again to talk, asking for an hour of her time, she tells him off and breaks the phone he gave her. Jake tells her that he can get to her no matter what, and he does. He sends a helicopter (Marine One?) to bring her to Vermont where he shows her the cabin he built, yes BUILT, for the two of them. After this his little speech giving up the White House and blah blah blah, Olivia once again gives in to the dick and they get it on. Look, I’m not mad or disappointed with Olivia for getting weak over President Ghost, and I’ve never been an “Olitz” shipper. If a man told me he built a house for us, without using tax payer money because the Grants were loaded, I might “look back at it” in front of a fireplace too. Might. He promises to find out more about what happened with the crash and they part ways.

When Fitz The Cat is away, his mouse will play. I mean it’s not like Mellie really has anything else to do, so she joins forces with Cyrus to set up Sally’s husband Daniel. Cyrus gets James an interview with him while Sally is out of town. When asking for advice about how to handle the political spouse questions, Mellie tells Daniel that Cyrus and James have an open relationship. So not only did Cyrus almost have his husband killed, he just pimped him out for political gain. Daniel takes things too far with James who only figures out this awful plan when Daniel tells him what Mellie disclosed. Later James arrives at home as if nothing happened, but Cyrus gets an email with pictures showing his husband having sex with Daniel. In that moment, he realizes his mistake and this whole episode I wondered why James was being so stupid–but really it was Cyrus being the stupid one. Once again he put his marriage and well being on the line for Fitz, and look what he got out of it.

Then there was Quinn aligning herself with the wrong people and almost being found out by Jake when she went to try to cover up her mess. I’m sure Huck was suspicious of why she didn’t want him looking at the security footage from when she KILLED a man. She comes home to her apartment to find a grainy picture of herself from the footage and Huck sitting in the dark waiting for her with his tools. Things do not bode well for Quinn. We also said goodbye to Josephine Marcus, who sacrificed a potential White House bid for her stupid/daughter. Said sister/daughter broke into Governor Reston’s campaign offices to steal some files, and then went on live television to brag about it. Well her sister/mother/boss had to cover for her by saying that she staged a break-in or something like that. I feel like Lisa Kudrow was kind of wasted if this is how we were going to end her story line. Of course this sets things up so there isn’t a conflict of interest between Fitz and Olivia. At least we got to see Harrison shirtless because of all of this.

We’ll have to wait 2 weeks to find out if Quinn gets it, so to speak, because of the holiday. Wouldn’t this have been a great show to watch with a leftover turkey sandwich though? Oh well.

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