Scandal Recap, ‘The Fluffer’



Scandal‘ ended with another WTF moment, and I hope the next episode delivers. As for this episode, Fitz continues to be the absolute worst, Abby gets to be in charge for a change and Olivia sort of gets her groove back.


Olivia sends Abby to the White House to take her place for a while. When Cyrus made her realize that she is nothing more than “the help” to Fitz and his campaign, homegirl needed a break. Abby didn’t get the response she deserved, people kept calling her Gabby, but she came prepared with a cute white coat and plan. Jeannine, the intern they paid to be Fitz’s fake mistress, has written a book about their fake relationship. This gives Sally some fuel, and Cyrus wants to bite back by leaking the story on her daughter’s abortion. This ends up working in Sally’s favor when she changes her pro-life, so they all decide that two evil heads are better one and they team up with Leo to get Governor Reston out of the race. They go to his wife with a file containing information about how he planned to kill the man who raped her, but Reston threatens to send her to a sanitarium if she tries to use any of it to ruin his campaign. He did that all by himself though. Abby had the whole conversation recorded and leaked to the press. She was great through all of this, and it seems like she has soaked up all of the mojo Liv used to have. She even had to give Olivia a little Gladiator pep talk, and Lord knows she needed it.

At the White House, Fitz is still being a big baby. When Olivia asks him what he wants, he makes her tell Andrew to stop having sex with Mellie. Right after he said that he didn’t want this because he loved her or wanted her back. So what is it, your ego? Liv gives Andrew an ultimatum, he can either continue to be with Mellie, or he can be the Vice President. He could go on about how much he loved her and thought she deserved better, but just as Olivia said, men like him always choose power over love. He calls things off with Mellie, but she doesn’t take it too well. She slaps Fitz  and tells him that he is always taking things away from her. Sounded like she was officially done with him, and maybe being First Lady.

In her quest to bring down B613, Olivia asks her dad to not hurt the President. As if he actually needs to touch him to kill him or something. He does give up B613’s financial history, telling her that the organization basically steals money from every government agency in existence, filling it’s bank account with tax payer money. She asks Huck to hack into it’s accounts, but he hesitant because he would essentially be working for Rowan again. Harrison calls in a favor with his friend Claire, asking her to keep tabs on Maya. She wants Mama Pope to be her mentor, and helps her and Adnan out with two fake passports. Claire still ends up with two Xs over her eyes, so that was a waste. Staying a step or two ahead of them, Jake empties the accounts, and makes a drunken plea for Olivia’s heart at her apartment. The only way to get into B613’s entire network is for Olivia to sleep with Jake and steal his passwords. She does the deed and they successfully take them offline. Simultaneously, Charlie and Quinn are tracking Maya, whose Russian lover has given her the mother of all bombs. Just as they are about to capture her, everything shuts down. Which begs the question, why is B613 sloppy enough to have all their ish on one network that could be so easily hacked?


Just as they’re celebrating the little bit of lightness that has shined on OPA, Jake barges in tells Olivia that her and the Gladiators have just killed the President. Sigh, so Olivia accomplished something big, but she also helped her mother in her attempt to assassinate Fitz. As crazy as Maya is, Olivia really needs to listen to her. As she told her at the dinner she so scarily crashed, her line of work is dangerous. Jake is choking her, WHY do people keep choking her, and your other man is about to die. Girl, get away from these people! I hear Vermont is lovely this time of year.

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