Scandal Recap, ‘Say Hello To My Little Friend’



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Anthony Weiner became a hot topic again over the Summer when he decided to run for Mayor of New York City. Obviously, things didn’t work out for him, that other sexting scandal hurt him pretty bad. There was also the issue of his arrogance, and the news ate it up. I wasn’t a bit surprised that not only ‘Scandal’ but ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ both used Weiner’s real life woes for some juicy fiction. ‘Scandal’ however threw murder into the plot as Olivia and the team gained a new client, and Jake and Huck joined forces.



Olivia Pope & Associates are slowly getting their reputation back, and they take on a disgraced Senator as their latest client. He’s been sending pictures of himself in his tightie-whities to numerous women, but is still trying to run for office. He wouldn’t be the crappiest person they’ve helped, but he’s certainly not the best either. There’s also the issue of a dead girl named Desiree, one of his sexting partners. All signs point to him as the killer, but Olivia realizes he’s not when he casually mentions that his wife was out pretty late the night Desiree was killed. Not only was this guy dumb enough to send half naked pictures of himself to a handful of women, he didn’t suspect that his wife knew about his indiscretions? Even before her boozy conversation with Olivia, you probably figure out that the Senator’s wife, played by Melora Hardin, had killed the girl. Her confession to Olivia at court, and her testimony on the stand, were a little creepy, and this can’t be the last we see or hear of her and the Senator.



As Fitz and Mellie continue to be awful, they have a new enemy, congresswoman Josephine Marcus. She’s gaining popularity and becoming a “movement,” as Cyrus puts it. Anything that threatens either of the Grant’s real or supposed power has to be dealt with, but naturally they make things worse for themselves. During a press conference, Mellie calls Josephine “white trash” and disses her supporters to a reporter wearing a hot mic. Cyrus is none too pleased, but he lays off and lets Fitz and her have an oddly touching moment. Ever the goon though, Cyrus sends one of his staff to go dig up some dirt on Marcus and learns that she abandoned a baby at 15. So Josephine has Fitz’s cheating scandals, and they have a long lost child to work with. This is going to get messy. Josephine is basically a very likable, sort of Nancy Pelosi type politician. I wasn’t sure how Lisa Kudrow would fit onto the show, but i’m excited to see her and Olivia try to take down White House.

Olivia has given up on trying to get her father out of her life. She kicks Jake out of her apartment when he presses her about who Rowan really is. He joins forces with Huck to get info on who he killed, and with hopes that they can take Rowan down together. Later he eavesdrops on a conversation between Daddy Pope and Cyrus about a flight plan that Peter Foster had. Fitz learns of Foster’s death in the newspaper and because he’s a “hero” or something in Fitz’s eyes, he has him buried at Arlington and even shows up to the funeral to speak with his wife. The gravediggers snap a picture of him there and again, Cyrus isn’t happy. If Cyrus ever dies on the show, I’m sure it’ll be a heart attack brought on by Fitz’s stupidity.

Huck and Jake, let’s call them Juck, take the recording and Foster’s records to Olivia and tell her that the mysterious Remington, a rescue missin in Iran, flight plan is missing. Foster had the flight plan’s number tattooed on him, and Fitz was the pilot. Another couple of pieces to the puzzle fall into place.

Again, I thought this episode was a little meh. Maybe I need all the fast talking and the Gladiators being badasses. Harrison’s little dance at the beginning was cute, and I’ll give Quinn a break for being genuinely concerned for Huck. He’s been attending AA meetings, but is talking about his addiction to killing, not booze.

Abby and David are a little weird, and after all of that she sexted him her hooha? With her new glam do and makeup, she deserves better. Jake continues to be boring, but not even a dick move from Fitz can stop him and Olivia from hooking up I guess. We’ll have to wait until next week to see how Fitz and Rowan throw down, and if he knows that Rowan is his side chick’s dad.

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