Scandal Recap, ‘No Sun On The Horizon’



I didn’t find this episode nearly as explosive or epic as it could have been, but it definitely brought the crazy. Sally wants to reconnect with Jesus and Leo is desperate to try to help her any ways she can. Meanwhile, Quinn isn’t finding her new position at B613 to be all that exciting.


Fitz is nailing all of his debate talking points, but Sally isn’t even preparing, as her conscience is getting the best of her. Leo has to fly in her preacher on a private jet to even get to any cooperation. Apparently, the Lord has stopped speaking to Sally; maybe it was that whole killing your husband thing? To get back into God’s good graces, she decides that she has to confess to murder. Clearly, she hasn’t factored in going to prison and bringing down everyone that helped her cover up the murder with her.

David goes to Olivia with the recorded phone calls between Cyrus and Sally, but Liv wants no part of this. She doesn’t even want to help her old friend Cyrus try to cover this one up either. It was weird seeing Olivia making a good decisions again, but of course that wouldn’t last long.

Though things are all fake in Jake’s world now that he is command, having burgers and wine with Olivia seems like real relationship stuff. He wants her to run away with him, probably not to Vermont to make jam, but they both know they could never really escape their past and present lives. At work, he has to deal with Quinn whining about having to pay her dues by selling paper. She realizes that Huck and Charlie didn’t have to do this and that she might be on desk duty as a favor to Olivia. She warns him not to get to close Liv, because she isn’t as loyal as she claims. When Jake realizes that Liv has chosen the President over him AGAIN, he gets all up in his feelings and takes matters into his own hands.


Leo is at Defcon 5 with Sally and actually calls Olivia in to council her. Then Liv asks Fitz to throw the debate, even though he needs to ace it for re-election. All this after Cyrus asked her fake boo to kill the Veep, but he refused. Things were a lot easier when he was dealing with Rowan. He and Cyrus are the same breed of goon. At the debate, Sally blanks out a little and even starts to confess, but regains her composure when it comes to talking about her marriage. Jake orders a hit on Sally if she falters, which she doesn’t, to the relief of everyone. While in his office Cyrus hears a strange buzzing noise that he tracks down to a picture frame on his desk. His office has been bugged, but for how long now? It probably doesn’t matter because he’s figured out that James is Publius. Obviously, Cyrus could have completely gone off the rails here, but he just cried and apologized.

When James meets up with David, the journalist they had been working with and the woman that found out about the calls between Sally and Cyrus, he says that he’s out and he wanted an apology more than revenge. The two women are shot and then Jake walks up to them and pulls the trigger. BUT WHO DID HE SHOOT?!!! Chances are it was James, but the previews for the next episode seem to point to David. I can’t say that I care about either of them, but James was literally jerked around by his husband so many times I think he deserves to live. He knew that something was up by the way Cy told him that he loved him, and his heartfelt apology possibly came because he knew that would be the last time he’d have a chance to say that to him.

I have to agree with some other ‘Scandal fans and say that it would be great to see Olivia Pope & Associates go back to doing individual cases because all this drama is tiring, but it does make for good popcorn tv.

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