Scandal Recap, ‘Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington’



When I saw that ‘Scandal’ was doing a bomb episode my first thought was this is so Shonda Rhimes, and that it seemed a bit early in the series for something like this. It’s a bit “jump the shark-ish.” The episode overall was a bit meh for me. Were we really supposed to care about this woman’s son, and why does Olivia, a woman who is whip-smart, keeping putting herself into such stupid and dangerous situations?

Olivia had barely gotten her foot in the door of her office when she saw her Gladiators fawning over a new client, Mary Lawrence. Since Olivia’s own scandal broke I’m sure they’ve been without clients, which means they’ve been without money. Quinn is a bit suspicious of how exact the amount is and soon they learn that Mary cleaned out her bank account a couple of days before, and that her son was killed in an FBI raid.


olivias dudes


Meanwhile, during a tour of the White House, a suspicious looking dude ducks out of the tour group and tries to get to the Oval Office. As they tackle him he shouts that he needs to speak with the Prez about what happened at Remington. This is conveniently going on while Olivia is at the Capitol looking for Mary. Even though she sees people, WHITE PEOPLE, running out of the building, she continues on into a Congressman’s office where Mary is strapped with a bomb. I thought back to the moment in last season’s ‘True Blood’ where Sookie told Warlow that she was a “danger whore.” That’s exactly what Olivia is, just inviting trouble and danger into her life like it’s a big package from Fed Ex.




Mary is pissed that no one has investigated what really happened to her son. As a last resort, she decided to take Congressman Struthers hostage, and this should serve as motivation for the real government to get their act together. Olivia is on the case, getting her team to hack into the FBI to find Chris Lawrence’s file. Cyrus orders that the man, Peter Foster, who tried to see Fitz, be released, while Fitz calls in a sniper, because he’s Fitz. The hostage negotiator isn’t doing a good job of well, negotiating with Olivia or Mary. This was a very determined white woman who learned how to make a bomb from a recipe on the internet, she wasn’t giving up that easily. Who knew there were bomb boards on Pinterest? When Harrison calls to tell her that they’re entering the building, Olivia puts herself in the line of fire, knowing that Fitz won’t let them kill his boo. To make up for the dumb moves she pulled earlier, Olivia calls Jake to call Fitz to tell him that he needs to get Chris’ file. This is the most dysfunctional three-way relationship ever, but it works.




Huck and Olivia have been on the outs because of her dad, and clearly a bit disturbed about what he found out starts following Rowan on the street with the intent to shoot him. He does catch up to him later at Peter Foster’s trailer, revealing that he was involved with whatever happened in Remington. Rowan knew Huck had been following him but wasn’t a bit scared at having a gun pointed at his head. This guy is the ultimate goon! Outside of the Capitol building where Olivia is, a woman posing as an FBI agent shows Harrison a video of Chris proving that he was a terrorist. He phones the license plate of the car she was in Abbie who goes to David Rosen for info. The chick wasn’t a real agent, shocker, and this leads David to go force Cyrus to give him Chris’ real file. David would have made a good Gladiator, if he wan’t such a mitch. All of Olivia’s men get together to tell her that Chris wasn’t a terrorist, he was a CIA who helped infiltrate Al Qaeda. He was gunned down by the FBI by mistake, but Mary and the country can’t know that.

Olivia decides to lie to Mary, telling her that her son was a terrorist. Olivia and Struthers make their way out of the office, but Mary locks herself inside and then pushes the button. It’s sad that Mary died thinking that her son was the enemy, and I’m sure this will weigh on Olivia for years to come. When she goes back to her office, Huck is waiting for her. He’s not there to kill her, but he is back to his old ways. She wants to know if he killed her father, he didn’t, but he did kill Peter Foster. Basically Huck has been reinstated by Rowan, made to fake Foster’s suicide. But how did he do this? Is there some ‘Manchurian Candidate’ type thing going on, where all Rowan has to do is say a simple word and Huck turns back into a killing machine?


Olivia has Huck back, but it seems like she and him will never be rid of her father. She goes home to Jake, who instead of asking if she was ok, suggests they get burgers. Dude! She wants to know how he got free of B613, but he gives her some BS answer about how he thought of her to survive. We all know Olivia has a powerful hold over these guys, but be serious. Jake is hiding a lot of shadiness under that sort of cute veneer.

“Remington” keeps popping up, and obviously the reveal of what went down there is supposed to be huge, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shonda saves this for the mid-season break, or even the season finale. Fitz and Mellie are a huge mess, and even though they hate each other, they deserve each other. Also, she should be drunk all the time.

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