Scandal Recap, ‘More Cattle, Less Bull’


Photo: ABC/Scandal

Scandal’ has been teasing Remington’s big reveal, and it was a doozy. Olivia’s life is about to get even more complicated as she loses and gains a client, and loses and gains a man.

Cyrus and Mellie call upon a hot shot campaign manager name Leo Bergen to handle Fitz’s re-election. He smells desperation and doesn’t want to help, and he tells them that Fitz’s heart isn’t in it anyways, so why bother? Congresswoman Josephine Marcus is also gearing up for a fierce fight, and who better to help her take on the White House than Olivia. Josie tells Liv that she doesn’t want to use her secret child for political gain and asks her to “fix” her situation. So the team heads to Montana where they bribe her family, baby daddy and the nurse who helped deliver the baby. Cyrus’ lackey is in town too and almost gets the kid’s father to tell all on tv until Harrison threatens to disclose his affair. So Olivia, the monster he created, gets one over on Cyrus. “We’ve been Poped, sir!”



In a ‘Chinatown’ twist, it turns out that Josephine’s attentive little sister Candice, who is also apart of her staff, is her daughter. The nurse who was present at her birth tells Olivia that Josie’s mother raised that daughter as her own. During a debate, Governor Reston catches her off guard by bringing up the baby, forcing Josie to admit to being a teenage mother. Her speech is honest, and automatically wins over the crowd, and possibly America. So all of that backfired for Cyrus and Reston, but the speech makes Candice realize who her real mother was and then Josie fires Olivia. She finds herself in an increasingly desperate state. No client, no phone call from Fitz on his private line. I get the weird comfort that Fitz provides for her, but fishing a phone out of the trash so you can talk to your boo is bordering on pathetic. After she does get her call and goes over jokes for the Correspondent’s Dinner, she asks Jake to be her date.

Just as Huck was telling him about Fitz and Rowan’s secret meeting, Jake gets picked up by Secret Service and taken to the White House’s basketball court. Of course it’s more than just a friendly game of one-on-one. They might as well have been having an actual dick fight.  [Cut to DivaJulia BELLY-LAUGHING over that one, Brittani!!] Fitz looks at Jake as kind of a frenemy, he wants Rowan to lay off him, but does Fitz know who he’s dealing with? Rowan fears no man, not even the President as he has never answered to his office.



When Fitz suggests to Cyrus that they dismantle B613, Cyrus is clearly shaken at even the thought of trying to go against them, even suggesting that the organization had to something with killing Kennedy. WHAT?! At the Correspondent’s Dinner, Vice President Sally meets up with Leo in the men’s room to discuss running against Fitz as a third party candidate. Mellie asks Olivia to join Fitz’s re-election team because he needs her, but she couldn’t help but get in a jab. Jake doesn’t want to play second string to him anymore and leaves Olivia….and you know what, bye Jake. I mean, we know you’ll be back to ask her if she wants to get burgers, but for now, BYE!

We all knew that there was something fishy about the death of Olivia’s mom, and Huck finds out what it is. Instead of being in Iran for that rescue mission, he was in Iceland, where a plane carrying 300 passengers went down. A local fisherman reportedly saw flares, suggesting that Fitz shot the plane down instead of it having a mechanical failure. One of the names on the passenger list was Maya Lewis, Olivia’s mother. That’s right, the President killed the mother of his side piece. Oh, Shonda. Did the orders come from Rowan, or someone even more evil? Remember how he was trying to get her on that plane in the season premiere? Would he have killed his own daughter, even if it meant no more of those tense Sunday dinners? Oh and there’s the “little” issue of Quinn buying a gun after she was put on punishment by Harrison in Montana. Don’t they know by now that she requires adult supervision at all times?

This show is getting crazier by the episode.

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