‘Scandal’ Recap, ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’



A LOT happened in this episode, and I still haven’t processed it all. We finally see Mellie and Fitz’s older kids, Cyrus is still dealing with James’ death, and Huck gets gross, again.

Charlie is very curious about what exactly happened between Quinn and Huck when he broke into her apartment. She conveniently left out the part where Huck and her traded spit, and they did again during a late night meeting where she was sent to talk to him by Jake. Either Huck needs to kill her or kidnap her to bring her back to OPA. The kissing between these two is never going to be sexy. To fix the problem, Charlie moves into Quinn’s apartment, just in case Huck wants to break in again. This triangle won’t end well, neither will the Gladiator’s trying to bring down B613. Huck knows it’s a bad idea, even Rowan tells his daughter to back off because his sources know she is trying to find out who funds the organization. But it’s after a confrontation with Jake at his fake job that he decides to join in on the fight. Turns out B613 is being funded by every branch of government, and Jake is really feeling himself as Command. Threatening to kill Rowan, or informing him of his impending death, was the last straw. So it’s safe to say that The Popes will be teaming up to get Rowan his old job back, but how does Maya fit into all of this?



Adnan shows up at OPA wanting immunity for telling them about everything Maya, who she claims to be scared of, has been up to. Olivia doesn’t exactly jump at the chance to help her, but Harrison explains that he owes Adnan a favor because he’s the reason she spent 8 years in prison. While everyone is out, Adnan and Harrison have sex, which leaves him unconscious on the floor. Adnan stole a a file drive full of security info about Fitz’s campaign from Olivia’s computer to give to Ivan, the Russian guy she and Maya were trying to get to last episode. Honestly, all of this is a little confusing, and not all that interesting. Entangled in all of this is Demetri, a guy who supposedly went missing from Baltimore, but is being tortured by Quinn and Charlie to give up Adnan, Maya and Ivan. When Maya calls Olivia to negotiate for Adnan’s return, she lets her daughter know that she might think she matters to all the people she’s surrounded by, but she’s really nothing more than the help. Ouch.



That brings us to her desperately trying to get the Grants to look like a normal family. Their obnoxious, bratty kids, Karen and Jerry, (what boring names), are home and want nothing to do with their parents, but you can’t blame them. They especially hate Fitz. When Olivia realizes that something isn’t right with them, she asks Abby to do a little background check on the two, finding out that Jerry is running an Anti-Fitz Twitter account and brought a shirt in support of Governor Reston. Probably to wear during the family’s live interview. On top of that, Karen sees her mother giving Uncle Andrew a mouth massage, right there in the White House. Has no one on this show ever heard of a hotel? When Olivia tries to control the situation, everyone bites back, because you know, glass houses. When Fitz blames Mellie for the dissolution of their marriage, he yells at her, but this scene should have played out with Mellie going in on him about all the sacrifices she has made for him. After you punch your friend, and running mate, for sleeping with your wife, you then go blame her for not being sexually attracted to you for years. UGH, just ugh.

So yeah, Olivia and Cyrus are the help. They clean up the messes and get nothing in return. Presidential dick ain’t worth it at this point. Cyrus’ husband is dead, Olivia is getting talked down to by everyone who really don’t have much of a moral high ground above her. So it’s time that Liv starts listening to her parents, as crazy as they are, and get away from these people!

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