Scandal recap, ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’



People who are new to ‘Scandal‘ almost always have the same complaint, “all the characters are terrible!” Yes, they are, but that’s what makes some of them so great. ‘Scandal‘ also has a knack for breaking Twitter, and clearing people off of it because of us crazy Gladiators.

But it’s interesting to see how people talk about certain characters. For instance, Olivia is a ho for sleeping with the President, but we’re supposed to be rooting for Mellie to get some on the side. Shonda Rhimes has created some complex, frustrating, and at times pretty scary, characters that you never know how to feel about. At least, that’s how I feel about the show. Which brings us to mystery of who got shot and how it affected one of the show’s biggest goons.

It was James. We all saw that coming, right? But this ended up being a game changing death. Both Fitz and Sally agree to suspend their campaigns in the wake of his death, but both are going after the big gun lobbyists. Fitz gets the upper hand, thanks to Mellie and Andrew wooing some gun advocates, and flips his stance on gun control. Securing some unsure voters in those purple states. This brings the First Lady and her husband’s Vice Prez a little closer together as they have a booze filled argument over the right to own guns. This leads to a romp on the floor, but something tells me Andrew is the one who will end up feeling guilty about it. Meanwhile, Olivia is trying to figure out where she fits in amidst the chaos. Looking for some serious fatherly advice, Rowan tells her that everyone deserves to be saved, even the demons, and that is her job. It’s not one she takes kindly to, and having to play savior must get pretty tiring. Jake is little help to her, admitting that he is the one who shot James, and that it was all apart of his job to keep the country running smoothly. I guess their whole fake relationship is finally over now.


Jake is finally comfortable in his role as Command, burying the bodies of Shelby and Vanessa in a big hole, and then scaring David into helping him cover up James’ murder. The plan is to make it look like a carjacking, but it just doesn’t fit. Overwhelmed, David tells Abby what really happened, so Olivia decides that the only way to fix their problem is to take down B613. She asks David to join her by losing this battle in order to win the war. At the White House, Cyrus decides to go before the press to give the final word on James death. He barely got out a couple of sentences before he breaks down and is escorted out by Fitz. Olivia takes over and tells the world that James was the victim of a random carjacking. As Jake watches all of this unfold, he flashes back to telling James that he had to make his death seem like it was done by an amateur. So the last person James saw before he died was his killer, and even though he apologized, it was still a rough way to go out. Olivia may think Jake is just like her dad, but I doubt Rowan never stayed behind to make sure his victims didn’t die alone.


Then there was that whole gross scene involving Quinn and Huck. Someone really needs to do away with old girl, but it probably won’t be Huck. He sneaks into her apartment, and she knows he’s there. Looking at camera footage in Liv’s office, he realizes that she wanted to get caught, because he taught her better than that. She could be a Gladiator again, but it’s not like they need her. After she spits in his face, they kiss and ew. Just EW! Quinn might be too deep into B613, but I say let her stay there. Adnan comes to Harrison looking for help after Maya shoots a Russian contact and there’s something about a terrorist. The Mama Pope story line isn’t as good as it could be, of course her scary ass mother is the least of Olivia’s problems at the moment.

I have to give props to Dan Bucatinsky and Jeff Perry for the fine acting they did on this episode. Cyrus’ ugly cry at the podium actually made me tear up, and I liked seeing how these two met during the primaries, and Cyrus realizing that if he was going to have a relationship with James then he had to open about who he was. I still think it’s weird that they never really get into just how much of a Republican Fitz is, but he seemed nonplussed by the fact that his friend was gay. Cryus plotted to have his husband killed, so it is hard to feel sorry for the guy. Bad things happen to good people all the time, and the really bad people end up getting what they deserve. Sometimes.

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