Scandal recap, ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner’



No one on ‘Scandal’ is perfect, but some people are worse than others.

Just when you think Fitz or Mellie or Cyrus are the worst, in steps Rowan Pope to show you what REAL evil looks like. His version of evil is pretty suave, I’ll give him that, but there is nothing to like about this man. It’s easy to see where Olivia gets her fast-talking resilience, and we also learn why they had such a strained relationship, and where Huck fits into all of this.

flashback bangs


The episode starts with a flashback, and even if there hadn’t been text that told us this was happening 5 years ago, we could have guessed because of Olivia’s flashback bangs. She is regularly meeting Huck in the train station, and reluctantly having Sunday dinners with her dad in return for him paying off her student loans. We also get a small peak at her relationship with Edison, aka Senator Pudding Pops.

On her way back home Olivia is mugged by two men and Huck quickly steps in and takes them out. She asks where he learned his skills and he tells her about B613 where he was trained to be a killer. So Olivia tells her dad about the secret organization which he later tells her didn’t exist and that Huck is just a schizophrenic homeless guy. In the present, Olivia is desperate to find out what happened to Jake and regularly visits the morgue whenever they get in a cold one.

janine and olivia (1)


Olivia is also dealing with the Janine Locke scandal, gathering the press right in front of the White House to say Janine didn’t have sex with Prez Grant. Mellie is none too pleased to have the media talking about her looks and saying she wasted her political potential, so naturally she devises a plot to get Janine to say she had an affair with Fitz for $2 million, tax free. I know a lot of people have or would, sell their soul for an account in the Cayman Islands, but who besides a Kardashian is that thirsty for money?

Rowan’s deal with his daughter is that if she lets Janine burn, he’ll free Jake, it not, he dies. The only thing Olivia has to put on the table are Sunday dinners. Fitz finds out about B613, and that Cyrus and Rowan are in cahoots. Though he doesn’t really stand a chance against him, he uses the power he does have to help Olivia get Jake back. Just before Janine’s big tell-all interview, he preempted the airing with a press conference. Probably the smartest thing he’s ever done on his own as President.

huck and olivia (1)


Rowan’s goon-ish ways not only ruined his relationship with Olivia, but ultimately cost her the trust and friendship of Huck, with a little help from Quinn. Huck did too good of a job of turning her into a mini version of himself. She does some snooping and finds out about Olivia and Rowan’s old Sunday dinner dates, then information about Rowan sparing his life, though poor Edison was injured in a car accident as a result. Angry and hurt, Huck attacks Olivia and leaves, forever? It was a scary moment, and both of them know what he’s capable of, so it’s good that he stopped before going too far. Back at her apartment, Olivia gets a call from dear old dad telling her that she has a surprise at the door. It’s Jake, bruised and bearded. He’s alive, but now Olivia has to suffer through boring talk about dinosaurs with Rowan again.

We can all agree that Quinn is THE WORST?  I hope she is punished with having her gladiator membership revoked or something. You swore that you weren’t a bitch! Fitz and Mellie both try so hard, but only Fitz got a real victory this episode. Now that Jake is back, does that mean he and Olivia will be together again? And will we find out what horrible thing went down in Remington with Jake and the Prez?

Best lines of the episode:

Cyrus: “The President cannot go to the land of the bunga-bunga party” after Olivia’s press conference.

Huck: “Maybe I took Karate in high school.”  To Olivia after she asks how he was able to take down her muggers.

Rowan: “You don’t know me that way, you don’t ever want to know me that way. But if you push, you will know me well.”  To Olivia when she presses him about his affiliation with B613.

Fitz: “How Presidential are my balls now, Cyrus?” To Cyrus after he blocks Janine’s interview.

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